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API Consoles

Unleash your inner audio maestro with our stellar lineup of API consoles! Whether you're a seasoned sound engineer or just diving into the world of audio production, our range of API Audio consoles is here to elevate your craft. Known for their legendary punch and clarity, API consoles are a favorite among audio professionals for their unparalleled performance and reliability. We're here to help you find the ideal console that matches your unique style and needs, ensuring your mixes are always top-notch.

And thats not all! We've nailed the cabling for each console, with detailed pages that make setup a breeze. Need on-site installation? Weve got you covered! Looking for workflow consultation? Absolutely! Our expert team is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring your API console fits seamlessly into your studio setup. So, why wait? Explore our collection, let your creativity soar, and let's create audio magic together!

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  • API The Box 2

    THE BOX 2 is API's small-format solution for any studio where space or budget is limited. It offers the legendary API sound in an efficient, cost-effective package.
  • API 1608-II

    1608-II adds new, modern features valuable to today's Engineers, Producers and Musicians to the reliability and sound that API has been known for since its inception; including optional P-Mix automation.
  • API 2448

    The 2448 offers a powerful and impressive feature set including Dual Inputs on each channel, Stereo Returns and optionally, API's new cross-platform Final TouchTM fader automation system.
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