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TRS Cables

TRS Cables, just like XLR cables, are ubiquituous in all professional, semi-professional and enthusiast audio applications. Whether you are using synths, headphones, outboard gear or stereo pedals, TRS cables are everywhere. Colloquially referred to as 1/4" (Quarter Inch) jacks, TRS cables allow immense versatility amongst balanced connections. TRS stands for Tip Ring Sleeve. It is almost always used for balanced applications like synthesizers, studio monitors, headphone amps, and certain outboard gear. TRS cables are also used for summed dual mono (dual unbalanced) connections. They are used for headphones, headphone amps, and audiophile DACs. We use the very best Mogami, Canare, Grimm, Gotham and Sommer cables as well as Neutrik Gold TRS connectors for our TRS cables. Browse our wide selection. Customize the length, color, connector ring, and connector boot for your TRS cables today.

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