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Microphone Preamps

Step up your audio game with our fantastic range of microphone preamplifiers at Pro Audio LA! Whether you're looking for a compact 2-channel unit or a robust 8-channel setup, weve got you covered. Dive into our diverse selection, featuring top-notch brands like Thermionic Culture, Grace Design, API Audio, SPL, Universal Audio, and many more scattered throughout our lineup. Each preamp is designed to bring out the best in your recordings, delivering crystal-clear audio quality that will make your projects shine.

Add our signature SUM Cable to your recording setup. It lets you get analog summing benefits without adding any extra gear. It not only yields a better mix, but also encourages lots of experimentation and creative use of the tools you've already got in your arsenal.

Explore the possibilities with our microphone preamp collection. Discover how brands like Thermionic Culture and Universal Audio can improve your sound. Get ready to transform your recordings and enjoy the seamless, high-quality audio experience you deserve. With our premium mic preamps and innovative SUM Cable, achieving that perfect mix has never been easier.

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