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  • Podcast Bundle for One

    Slick Podcasting Bundles for One are consisted of all the equipment & cabling that one person may need to "Plug 'n Play" - start a podcast today!
  • Podcast Bundle for Two

    Slick Podcasting Bundles for Two are consisted of all the equipment & cabling that two people may need to "Plug 'n Play" - start a podcast today!
  • M!ka Arms

    There is nearly no professional audio studio in the world that gets along without m!ka. From the largest radio station you can think of to podcasters recording at their home offices. You’ll find m!ka Arms in any place where dedicated presenters and podcasters are doing what they love. Join them.
  • M!ka Sets

    As comfortable package options, m!ka Sets faciliate the combination of multiple m!ka elements. They include all you need down to the smallest mounting adapter. Get started right away. Select your sets and combine them with additional m!ka elements.
  • M!ka Accessories

    m!ka Accessories offer you multiple ways to mount and combine your m!ka elements. Pick from various options to mount your m!ka Arms to desks, walls, ceilings or m!ka Poles. Stroll through all available options and you will find exactly what you need.
  • M!ka Add-Ons

    Multiple m!ka elements serve as add-ons to enhance functionalities. m!ka Pad-Dock and m!ka CopyStand equip m!ka Monitor Arms with additional functions. m!ka CamStud integrates your camera. Make your pick and further upgrade your combination of m!ka elements.
  • litt Signaling Device

    Enjoy powerful 360° LED light signals with unmatched CleanVision® visibility.
  • iXm Recording

    iXm offers the best way to capture a perfect interview. Even in extremely noisy environments, LEA is the key. The onboard Level Energy Arbitration gives your voice recordings perfectly leveled audio in any location. No post production needed. Fully focus on your content.
  • PUC2 Audio Interfaces

    PUC2 is the only audio interface that delivers highest-quality audio while getting along without any adjustment efforts. Each PUC2 model smoothly achieves 1st-class HD sound via USB plug’n’play. Make your choice.
  • Intellimix Desktop Mixer

    Join a true revolution. Awarded design and usability are matched with unrivaled audio connectivity. With Intellimix, outstanding features in audio mixing are opening up intuition. G-Touch© faders will guide you. Feed your creativity.
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