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The SUM Cable

Analog summing has become the go-to mixdown process for many engineers looking to preserve the width, depth, and 3D-sound of their mixes. Mixing "in the box" has compelling benefits, particularly as it relates to recall ability and automation. The SUM Cable maintains the benefits of the modern DAW while helping your mixes come to life.

Inside The SUM Cable is a fully-balanced and completely transparent signal path to sum up to 16 channels from your converter down to a stereo pair of XLRs. From there, make up 30-40dB of gain by plugging the XLRs into the preamps of your choice. You'll have complete control over the tonal qualities of your mixdown while experiencing increased headroom and separation in your mix. The flexibility of using any preamps means that you could choose a Neve-style preamp for a thick/warm sound or an API-style preamp for a punchy, mid-forward mix.

Other passive summing solutions exist, but none offer the elegant simplicity of The Sum Cable. Similar products require a piece of hardware along with additional cabling which can drive up the cost and make for a more cumbersome integration.

With The SUM Cable, you can simply plug in and enjoy the benefits of analog summing without racking up any new gear or adding other hardware to your setup. Users of the Universal Audio Apollo have the exciting possibility of summing through the cable back into the Apollo's very own preamps using Unison technology to add the flavor of classic preamp emulations with UAD DSP. It not only yields a better mix, but also encourages lots of experimentation and creative use of the tools you've already got in your arsenal.

Step 1: Installation

Step 2: Calibration

Step 3: In the Mix

You can listen to 48k 24 bit sound samples below...

Mix summed as follows: Snare & Cymbals on 1&2, Bass Drum 3&4, Guitars 5&6, Vocals 7&8

Pro Tools Bounce to Disc

The SUM Cable through assorted Mic Pre's

Analog Summing through Shadow Hills Equinox

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