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  • SOLO

    The Solo speakers are designed for midfield use in small and medium-sized control rooms and as surround speakers in multi-channel immersive listening environments.

  • DUO

    The Duo speakers are capable of operating as both nearfield system and mid-field system, providing full presence and detailed response at low, medium and high listening levels.
  • TREO

    The Treo speakers are designed for intimate and mid-sized working and listening spaces where accuracy and dynamics are required, and larger environments as distributed audio or surround theatrical applications.


    The Classic speakers deliver a 70 x 110 degree window of direct sound, putting Augspurger's HF device at least 3 dB “ahead” of traditional HF dome technologies in reducing secondary reflections and room interaction.


    Equally at home in a mastering facility or high-end listening and playback environment, the Monolith Tower combines the elements of the Duo 15/SUB 18 system into a single integrated cabinet.