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DB25 Patchbays

DB25 patchbays have become the standard for recording studios because they are a compact, reliable, and flexible solution that doesn't require a ton of technical knowledge or maintenance. TT connections on the front provide for up to 96 patch points in 1 RU of rack space while DB25 connections on the back provide for making all the connections required on 12 DB25 snakes carrying 8 channels of signal each. We offer a ranch of patchbays from Audio Accessories, Bittree, Switchcraft, Redco, and Flock Audio. Pro Audio LA's specialty has always been a focus on optimizing workflows, and patchbays are the secret sauce that makes creativity in the studio effortless and inspiring. Picture easy access to all the inputs and outputs of your gear at arm's reach without the need to crawl behind your desk or racks to move your cabling around. Create and change signal paths with ease and ensure you are getting the absolute most out of your gear.

Patchbay Consultations

Our clients have repeatedly told us that our patchbay consultation is the best money they have ever spent. The consultation comes with a money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money -- no questions asked.

Whether you are wiring up a large-format console or have a small setup built around an 8-channel interface, designing your patchbay properly is the most important step you can take to optimize your workflow as well as ensure that future changes to your setup won't set you back.

Here is the 3-step process for scheduling a patchbay consultation:

1. Click HERE to purchase the consultation
2. Click HERE to fill out our pre-consultation questionnaire
3. Click HERE to schedule your Zoom appointment with our team

It's always a good idea to allow 1 or 2 business days after submitting the form for Mash to review the information so he can be best prepared for the consultation. You will then join in a Zoom meeting where Mash will build a patchbay layout before your eyes, you can ask any questions, work out cable configurations and lengths as they specifically pertain to your workflow, and then generate a quote/invoice pursuant to the consultation.

Patchbay Recommendations

Our favorite DB25 patchbay is the Audio Accessories Mini-Shorti. With fully-configurable normals and grounds, rock-solid construction for years of reliability, and a 1.5 RU form factor allowing adequate space to label all your patch points thoroughly, this patchbay is the one we recommend most often.