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Diffusion Panels

Pro Audio LA carries a wide variety of diffusion panels for your recording studio, office, or living space. When you add diffusion panels to your studio it lets you scatter sound energy over a wide angle rather than allowing strong, reflected signals to bounce back as they would from flat, solid surfaces. This gives your recording space a sense of openness in your music by addressing the distortions caused by slap echoes and comb filtering, which can occur during recording if you dont treat the room adequately. Adding diffusion will not only give your space a more natural feel, but it also gives clarity to your recordings and mixes. We always say that the biggest mistake people is make is not doing any acoustical treatment, but the second biggest mistake is usually treating too much. This can suck the life out of a space, and it can feel so unnatural you tire more quickly and lose focus. Mixing some diffusion in with absorption can help provide definition and balance while keeping a space sounding & feeling natural. Dont wait -- order some diffusion today from Pro Audio LA.

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