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  • The Ones

    The world’s most compact three-way studio monitors with extraordinary imaging, extended frequency response, controlled directivity and fatigue-free listening that will help you work faster and make more informed, consistent decisions - even on long sessions.
  • Smart Active 2-Way Monitors

    These monitors work closely with Genelec's GLM calibration software to create a reference monitoring system that is optimised for your acoustic environment. At last, you’ll produce mixes that translate consistently to other rooms and systems.
  • Smart Active Subs & Woofer Systems

    From the smallest project studio to the largest dubbing theatre, Genelec Smart Active Subwoofers intelligently adapt to your room to provide clean, controlled LF reproduction that integrates seamlessly with your main monitors.
  • Main Monitors

    Genelec Main Monitors deliver precision reference performance even at high SPLs and long listening distances. And with the power of the GLM calibration software, each one will adapt to your acoustic environment, producing mixes that translate perfectly.
  • AV Installation Speakers

    Genelec installation speakers are not just powerful, accurate, compact and beautifully designed, they are also extremely easy to install and will provide decades of reliable service.
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