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Audio interfaces are some of the the most crucial components in any music production setup or recording studio. In many project studios, interfaces provide multi-channel conversion and all the necessary Inputs and Outputs, often acting as the main central hub. In larger professional facilities interfaces can provide huge channel count conversion for large format consoles or I/O for huge outboard gear collections. It is often the backbone for any computer based studio. Even studios with tape recording options rely on interfaces for digital backups or ultimate digital releases after capturing material on tape. Interfaces come in a variety of channel counts, conversion capabilities and in some cases DSP functionality. Check out our offerings from Apogee, Avid, Antelope, Audient, Burl, Dangerous Music, Merging Technologies, Prism, UAD, Cranborne, Black Magic, Grimm, Lynx, Metric Halo, Wes Audio and many more.

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