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Pro Audio Services

We offer top-notch pro audio services. They are tailored for recording artists, podcasters, live performers, and other creators. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff ensures the highest quality for every recording session, podcast recording, or live performance. Additionally, we offer expert audio consultations to help you set up a new studio or optimize your existing workflow. Our team has years of industry experience. They bring it to every project and ensure personalized advice and professional results. Contact us today!

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Pro Audio Consulting and Services
Consulting and Services
Torus Power
Clean Power | The Foundation
Optimal power is about a lot more than pretty LEDs and voltage regulation. The performance of nearly every piece of equipment in the studio is at the mercy of the power.

High-current devices require the ability to draw large, instantaneous bursts of electricity in order to accurately reproduce the transient response, punch, and articulation of a source. With power carefully considered, good equipment becomes great, and the differences are not subtle. Bye bye, noise floor! You won't be missed.
Clean Power
Computer | Heart of the DAW
The modern DAW* system is driven by computers. Whether you are PC or Mac-inclined, putting together a stable system is essential to the recording process.

Choosing the right computer and properly installing all the required software drivers can be a tedious if not daunting task. Building stable systems is something we take a lot of pride in, and we have a lot of experience doing it.

* Digital Audio Workstation *
Manley Mic
Capturing The Source | Microphones
Microphones are the "ears" that capture our recordings. They come in all shapes and sizes and range from cheap and indispensable to expensive and useless -- and everything in between!

Any engineer would be well served to have a few staple, microphones in their mic locker. Many of these recommendations are obvious. However, identifying that special mic to add to your collection should be more about real perspective and less about the opinions of strangers on forums. We've got an arsenal of some of the best mics in the business for you to sing your heart out into (or speak). Even if you're not local, we can certainly help guide you.
Wall Box
Studio Wiring | No Compromises
At the heart of our business lies our custom cable shop. We built our reputation in the Pro Audio industry through years of meticulously hand-building products featuring components from Mogami, Canare, and Neutrik. Along the way we've added our own special touch while providing custom integration solutions like our Pro Audio LA boxes (pictured on right). We set the bar high, and we've kept it there.

Given the marriage of custom-cabling with gear sales, Pro Audio LA is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between equipment procurement and cabling. Connectivity and integration need no longer be an after-thought to gear purchases. Did we mention you get free custom cables when you buy gear from Pro Audio LA?
Manley Vovox
Outboard Gear | Heart and Soul
Our love for recording and passion for studio integration led us to become equipment dealers. We have chosen our brands carefully, and we humbly represent some of the most well-respected names in the industry including Manley, Burl Audio, Dangerous Music, A Designs, Focal, Apogee & SSL to name a few.

With three fully-functional demo showrooms in Glendale (Los Angeles) full of gear along with years of hands-on experience using the equipment we love, we are confident in our ability to help you choose the right gear to achieve the sound you're looking for. We have loaner equipment available as well so you can try before you buy!
Design and Workflow | Get It
Equipment should be integrated so as to complement each individual's unique creative process. A "one man show" recording and mixing him or herself will have a vastly different workflow than that of a pure mixing or mastering engineer.

We couldn't feel more strongly about the creative process being as uninhibited as possible. Whether you are a seasoned engineer or just getting started, our team has the experience and the vision to design a system that will take your creativity to the next level.
Dangerous Music Controller
Monitoring Path | Accurate and Dependable
The importance of being able to accurately hear what you're working on cannot be overstated. While some less expensive devices may be adequate in some circumstances, the adage "you get what you pay for" has never been truer than with monitor controllers.

If your ambition is to improve as an engineer every time you put in work, you owe it to yourself to have as accurate a monitoring path as you can. Every single mix decision you make depends on your ability to hear what's actually there. Only then will you reach your potential and see your efforts rewarded with mixes that consistently translate in real-world settings.
Studio Monitors | Honest Feedback
Engineers are typically very particular when it comes to their studio monitors. This is an area where familiarity is more important than just price point. That being said, a good set of monitors should be unfatiguing to listen to for long stretches of time while still being honest about the sounds they reproduce.

Select your monitors carefully -- preferably by auditioning various models while referencing material you know well. Many engineers achieve fantastic results using a wide variety of monitors. What's most important is that you know your set well. It's a good idea to have an addiitional set of monitors to give you a 2nd perspective on how things are sounding.
Burl B80 Mothership
AD/DA Conversion Interfaces
Conversion is the process of converting analog sounds into digital code so they can be stored on a computer and manipulated in a DAW like Pro Tools. Actually, this is specifically known as analog to digital conversion (AD). Digital to analog conversion (DA) is the process of reconstructing analog sounds from the digital code.

When you record sounds into a computer you are going through an AD process while when you listen back to what you've recorded, it is a DA process. Converters vary tremendously in sound quality, feature set, channel count, and price point. We can help you select the right interface to suit your budget and needs.
Acoustic Treatment | Sonic Pleasure
Room acoustics are all too often overlooked in the quest for audio immortality. It's the first thing you should assess and the last thing you should skimp on. Whether your room is an ideal size/shape or not, thoughtfully distributed acoustic treatment will make a tremendous difference to the accuracy and evenness in the response of a room.

Typically a room needs to be treated with a balance of diffusion (to help scatter sound randomly in a pleasing and realistic way) and absorption, to trap excessive bass in corners or to prevent anomolies in frequency response. We're here to help you choose the right treatment to get your room looking and sounding great.
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