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Headphone Extension Cables

Are you tired of sitting right next to your DAC or audio playback device when you just want to enjoy some music? Do you have clients in your studio who prefer working from the couch? Or, do they have to track their instrument in a closet and need their own mix in their headphones? Then headphone extension cables might be the answer. We offer a variety of connector combination for headphone extension cables, most of which usually start with a Neutrik Female 1/4" TRS connector on one side, followed a Neutrik Male 1/4" TRS, Dual 1/4" TS, XLR or Dual Amphenol RCA for a variety of connectivity options. We also offer Neutrik Female 1/4" TRS to Spade lugs in case you have vintage playback devices that have screw terminals or stand-offs. Browse through our selection of Mogami, Canare, Grimm and Gotham cabling for your headphone extension needs.

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