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Wall Boxes, Panels, and Reels

Explore our diverse range of customizable audio wall/floor boxes and wall panels. We also have reels and rack panels. They are carefully made to meet your studio's needs. Our solutions are equipped with top-notch Mogami cables and Neutrik connectors. They ensure seamless connectivity for all your audio needs. Tailor your setup with options. These include fanback lengths, mesh-sleeving, and multi-colored connector rings and boots. They let you adjust your workspace to your exact needs. Choose DB25 termination to bridge analog and digital domains easily. It simplifies connections to patchbays or interfaces. The box/panel has Heyco fittings. They provide secure strain relief and guarantee peace of mind. They also protect against tugs or snags. Improve your studio with gear. It should work well and improve your workflow and look. Dive into our array of customization options and transform your studio into a haven of connectivity and creativity.

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