Pro Audio Studio Equipment, Podcasting, & Acoustics

When the goal is to "Make Better Music" or "Make Better Content," you need an incredible workflow alongside pro audio studio equipment, podcasting, and pro video equipment. Selecting the right equipment for your recording or podcasting studio will make a big difference, but a better workflow will make the creative process more enjoyable, more effortless, and more rewarding. Well, you've made a good first step by coming to Pro Audio LA. We are experts when it comes to workflow in the recording studio, podcast studio, or content-creation studio. In fact, we are so passionate about workflow that we make custom, professional-grade audio cables to seamlessly integrate all your equipment. In addition to that, we carry products from the industry's biggest brands such as SSL, API, Rupert Neve Designs, Dangerous Music, Manley Labs, Focal, Amphion, Genelec, Yellowtec, and more. Additionally, we have vast experience in acoustics and soundproofing and offer both retail and custom solutions to make your spaces look and sound their best. Check out our massive inventory of pro audio equipment, content-creation solutions, acoustics, custom cabling, patchbays, and more.