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What Our Customers Are Saying

Wow! Talk about plug and play. I just plugged everything in and... it all worked perfectly! No buzzes or hums. So cool! It all looks and works great. Nice work. Thanks!

Dave Lichtenstein (Electric Sea Turtle Studios)

I received the cables today and have to admit, that I haven't seen high-quality cables like yours for a long time. Thank you very much, I'm impressed.

Michael Dorn

Ive had over 30 sales transactions with Pro Audio LA in the last decade- over 10k in cables. You guys have always faithfully catered to my needs every time with conviction. Eventually Im due for a YouTube channel which Im going to highly recommend you guys as Glenn Fricker has. Thank you guys for great service and quality products. Every order has always been top drawer.


Thanks for the order of custom Mogami cables. They are made with surgical precision and literally bring tears to my eyes. We will be contacting you soon to help design cables for our Foothill College Recording Studio facility!

Bruce Tambling (Co-Director Music Technology @ Foothill College)

Just to let you guys know - the cables arrived and are excellent. Thanks again for working with me and delivering a quality product. If you need any references, feel free to send anyone my way. I'm definitely a happy customer.

Tom Moravansky

Pro Audio LA have set a new industry standard in pro audio service, for outboard equipment and cables alike. Personal consultations and gear recommendations, bend-over-backward commitment to client satisfaction, and a first-name-basis relationship have improved my knowledge, studio design and equipment choices immeasurably. I now send all my business to Pro Audio LA and don't know why any audio professional would do otherwise, when custom-made cables of the highest quality often come included with gear purchases and the care and follow-through given to each order outshine the boilerplate customer service found ubiquitously in today's climate of corporate behemoths. Pro Audio LA exemplify the values of good business, genuine expertise, and care for craft.

Kahan James

I received the cables today, and they look great... I have to say I purchased these cables as a test, and I recently also purchased a pair from another company. Their communication and craftsmanship were lacking on all fronts. They didn't respond to emails, and the Neutrik connectors arrived loose and not completely screwed down on two separate orders. Thanks for the nice product!

Michael Cooke

Extremely satisfied with the custom 6 foot snake that you made me. I am shocked to see that you have far exceeded my expectations. The quality is absolutely top notch, and the craftsmanship is superior to anything I have purchased from any retailer. I will definitely be making future purchases from you and will be recommending all my friends come to you with their cable needs. Thanks again.

Michael Watts

I received my last cables a couple days ago, and they are AMAZING! You guys really do an awesome job with the craftsmanship in these cables. From now on, my entire rig will exclusively use these cables. For years to come. The quality stands through. Thanks!

Brandon Friesen

You guys are really great. Most cable sources are fly-by-night operations and, although I've never had a bad experience with one, you guys really give me a lot of confidence. I hope you enjoyed your vacation and as long as you're around, I won't go anywhere else for cables. Thanks.

Everett Young

I received the product in the mail yesterday!!! I just really wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your excellent service and great product. You guys will always get my business, and I'll be sure to refer you guys to my other engineering buddies!

Jeremy Park

I just wanted to express my appreciate and gratitude for my 10 channel Mogami snake. It really beefened up my 808 to sonic perfection and was a perfect fit in my setup. Special thank you to both Jason and Chris. You are all awesome!

corey dwyer

I love the custom 5 pin stereo XLR cable you guys made for me. It's nicer than anything else that was commercially available, even at over twice the price! The attention to detail really shows.

Nathan Rosenquist

I just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism, even though this was a return. I felt like I was treated as a friend of yours, which is truly a rare feeling through customer service. In an industry where most 'professionals' are at play, you / your company truly shined through and live up to that term. I'm incredibly pleased with the whole process, and will certainly return in the future as I make new purchases. Thank you again for all of your help, you have an incredible company.

jake coster

I just wanted to thank you once again for getting my snake done on a rush schedule. You guys NEVER let me down!!!

Keith Banning (Lonely Grange Recordings)

Beautifully built snake! Very nice quality leads - ProAudioLa workmanship is superb!

Peter Jones

Excellent transaction. Ultra-fast shipping & excellent build quality. Thanks!

Dennis Reed

Excellent communication, professional and helpful, thanks, love the item.

Lauritz Liddelow

In relaunching and relocating our all analog recording studio, it was paramount to find a company that understood the requirements of a technology that is not in mainstream use. Much of the equipment was manufactured prior to 1980. I can recommend without reservation, Pro Audio LA, to take care of you and your analog or digital recording studio, small or large. Not only did we receive dedicated hands-on help, but Jared and everyone at Pro Audio LA nearly-immediately answered all calls & emails, at all hours and even 7 days per week. No question was too small-no chore too difficult. Changes were made on the fly with professionalism and courtesy. They understood our equipment and what was required to make every connection and complete our entire studio hook-up. And some of the connector-types are nearly obsolete...I am very pleased with my experience with Pro Audio LA and can recommend them without reservation.

Gus Hergert