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Active Studio Monitors

Elevate your audio production with our range of active studio monitors! Active studio monitors are essential for any serious audio professional, providing built-in amplification for precise and accurate sound reproduction. With no need for external amplifiers, these monitors deliver consistent performance and are ideal for mixing, mastering, and critical listening. We offer a selection of world-renowned brands, each known for their exceptional quality and unique features.

Genelec monitors are celebrated for their precise sound imaging and robust build quality, making them a staple in professional studios worldwide. Neumann, with their long-standing reputation in the audio industry, offers monitors that provide unparalleled accuracy and detail, perfect for high-fidelity audio work. Focal is known for their innovative design and clarity, delivering a balanced sound that is both powerful and detailed. Unity Audio stands out with their commitment to handcrafted excellence and transparent sound, ensuring that every detail in your mix is heard clearly. These and many other brands that we offer set the standard in the industry, providing monitors that cater to various audio needs and preferences.

To complete your setup, we also build handmade premium custom cables! Our custom cables are crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring optimal performance and durability. By choosing us, you can get your active studio monitors and all the necessary cabling in one place, simplifying your setup and ensuring top-notch audio quality!

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