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Analog Audio Cables

You might just be playing guitar in your bedroom. Or, you might be working in post, perfecting an Atmos mix for the next big AAA title. In either case, you are definitely relying on cables to transmit your signal. Cables are the backbone of Pro Audio LA. Our team of technicians prep, solder, close, and test each XLR, TRS, TS, MIDI, and Speakon cable individually before shipping. We cater to discerning patrons. We carry brands like Mogami, Canare, Grimm, Evidence Audio, Sommer, and Gotham. They come with Gold or Nickel connectors from Neutrik, Switchcraft, and Amphenol. Our customization options let you choose the length and connector type. You can also pick the cable color and details like multi-colored connector rings and boots. And, they are all at less than retail prices. Every cable we make comes with a lifetime warranty. We take cables very seriously!

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