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Multi-Channel Snakes

Tired of having a rats nest of cables behind your desk? An easy way to organize and tidy up any studio workspace is to use Multi-Channel snakes for multi-channel applications. Need 16 channels of audio to go from your live room to your console or interface, but don't want the mess of cables running through the middle of your studio? Use a Premium or Standard finish Multi channel snake to tidy things up. We build customizable Multi-Channel snakes starting from 2 Channels, all the way up to 24 Channels. Choose your desired total length and fanback length. Also, pick the finish and fanback color (if premium). You'll also choose the connector configurations. Our team of cable maestros will tailor your Multi-channel snake to your needs. We use Mogami 293X series, Gotham 14008, Grimm TPR8 Multi-channel snake cable, Neutrik, Amphenol, and Canare connectors for our customizable Multi-Channel builds. Browse through our Multi-Channel section or contact us with all your Multi-Channel questions and needs.

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