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Balanced to Unbalanced Cables

Do you have balanced I/O on your interface but unbalanced outputs on your synths? Do you have vintage outboard gear that use a variety of unbalanced connections but your interface, patchbay and all other connections are balanced? We have got you covered. Check out our selection of balanced to unbalanced cables, wired in the industry standard way with the Neutral merged with the Ground on the unbalanced side. Get in touch with us before placing an order if you need us to float the Ground or float the Neutral. Since all our cables are made to order, you can choose the exact wiring scheme for your balanced to unbalanced cables. We use Mogami, Canare, Grimm, Gotham cables as well as Neutrik and Amphenol connectors for our Balanced to Unbalanced cables. Order your cables with confidence as all our cables have a lifetime guarantee.