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Primacoustic VoxGuard VU | Near Field Absorber
Primacoustic VoxGuard VU | Near Field Absorber

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Primacoustic VoxGuard VU - Near Field Absorber

  • Controls ambient space around the mic
  • Creates intimate sound field
  • Delivers cleaner, more articulated, voice track
  • Allows you to add ambiance as needed

The Primacoustic VoxGuard is a portable acoustic screen designed to reduce the ambient noise around a microphone when recording. This helps to eliminate excess echo and reverb, allowing the engineer to reintroduce the desired effects during mixing or post-production.

The VoxGuard features high-density open cell acoustic foam that provides maximum absorption throughout the vocal range. An extra large high impact ABS outer shell keeps unwanted noise out, while innovative slotted ports prevent excess bass buildup and resonance commonly associated with stand-mounted absorbers. Once mounted, a rear access cable port allows any hand held or studio microphone to be articulated and directed at a specific source. The VoxGuard has been updated for 2015 and now features a window that allows the vocalist to maintain visual communication between the engineer, producer or other band members.

Unlike other similar offerings that employ heavy and cumbersome steel parts, the VoxGuard is lightweight and easy to use. The outer shell simply slides over the threads of the microphone stand and is held in place by the clip, shock mount, or included threaded adapters. For additional flexibility, an extension bar is included for infinite mic placement possibilities. The lightweight design and simple mounting hardware makes positioning the VoxGuard easy without the usual fear of the stand falling over and damaging the microphone.

Thanks to its simple and lightweight design, the VoxGuard can also be used as a portable acoustic gobo in front of amplifiers, acoustic instruments, or anywhere that basic isolation is required. This makes it and ideal tool for recording studios, film and television, pod casting, and mobile recording.

The Science Behind The VoxGuard

The VoxGuard is a simple device that employs well known acoustic principles to minimize room ambiance from entering the microphone. This allows a greater percentage of the source to be captured without the echo, reverb and resonance from the room. Once the 'dry recording' is on tape, artificial ambiance in the form of digital reverb, echo and EQ is then added.

The science behind the VoxGuard is simple. It combines absorption by way of high density open-cell foam with an acoustic shield to prevent ambient sound from entering the mic. This page explains the science behind the design.

Eliminating The Sound Of The Space
Put up a microphone in a room and hit 'record'. The sound of the voice will compete with the sound echoing off the walls. These are known as primary reflections, flutter echo and standing waves. These will invariably arrive at the microphone after the original sound and depending on how loud they are, will cause varying degrees of phase cancellation known as comb-filtering.

Although in some cases one may want to record using the natural room's effect, today it is common practice to record a dry vocal track and only add artificial ambiance during the mixing phase. Most engineers prefer to work this way, as committing to room ambiance early-on usually conflicts with the instruments and limits options.

The VoxGuard Design
With acoustics, one can either absorb sound or reflect it. The VoxGuard performs both functions at the same time. First, when singing into the microphone, sound is captured by the mic while a good percentage of sound breezes by. In space, this 'extra' sound would go forever without echo as there are no boundaries. In an anechoic test chamber, sound is completely absorbed as there are no hard reflective surfaces. In this case, the VoxGuard's high density open-cell acoustic panel absorbs much of the energy in the critical voice range.

VoxGuard Details and Specifications
The VoxGuard is a nearfield vocal screen designed to reduce the ambiance around a microphone when recording. This allows the voice to be captured while eliminating the echo and reverb, allowing the engineer to reintroduce the desired effects during post production.

The VoxGuard is unique in that it is larger than competitive products while being lighter. This makes it more stable on the mic stand and opens the door to a wide array of applications including shielding instruments from each other in the studio; as a desk top acoustic shield for pod casting and is able to be used with all types of mic stands.

The VoxGuard attaches to a mic stand with the supplied threaded mic stand adaptor. An open slot allows the cable through the back side while allowing the microphone to be articulated for optimum positioning.

How To Use The VoxGuard
The VoxGuard is a simple device designed to control the ambiance around a microphone. The usual setup is to place the VoxGuard onto a mic stand using the threaded adapter that is supplied to hold the VoxGuard in place. The microphone is then attached onto the threaded attachment using a mic clip.

Large Diaphragm Studio Mics
Large diaphragm studio microphones are generally very sensitive to sound and noise. Therefore they are normally used with some form of shock-mount or suspension. This eliminates noise such as foot tapping from transmitting from the floor through the mic stand and into the microphone. The VoxGuard is ideally suited for this type of microphone. Merely attach the shock-mount to the threaded adapter and you are set to go. Because the microphone and the VoxGuard will be relatively close to the center of gravity, the stand should remain very stable.

Hand Held Microphones

For added flexibility, the VoxGuard has been designed with a cable access slot to allow typical dynamic microphones such as a ShureSM58 or Sennheiser MD412 to be used. Begin by attaching the mic clip to the knurled threaded attachment. Then, bring the microphone cable through the access slot and connect to the microphone. The access slot has been designed in such a way that the microphone can still be articulated so that it can move up or down to suit. That makes setting up the VoxGuard mush more efficient.

Using the VoxGuard for Post Production
When recording voice over tracks, it is often preferred that the tracks be completely void of any room ambiance. This allows the engineer to add in reverb, echo or darken the track to suit the movie set. An easy way to further reduce room ambiance is to have some form of acoustic treatment behind the voice talent. This can be an acoustic panel or even a suspended blanket situated 3 feet (1 meter) behind the microphone

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