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Yellowtec m!ka | Microphone Arm M (Black) (YT3601)

Yellowtec m!ka | Microphone Arm M (Black) (YT3601)

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Product Code: YELLOWTEC-YT3601

STEP 1 : Internal Cable Termination Options

STEP 2 : Add a Microphone

STEP 3 : Extension Tube Option

STEP 4 : Cloudlifter Option

STEP 5 : Mounting Options

Add Yellowtec m!ka PopShield

Made of durable silk-mat anodized aluminum, the m!ka Microphone Arm M aluminum is designed to hold microphones with a weight up to 2kg (4.5lbs). As the golden ratio out of our range of m!ka Mic Arms, the M-size Microphone Arm is the perfect allrounder in terms of microphone arrangements. The arm is a good choice to shape working desks or interviewing areas where the distance between arm and speaker is not higher than 31” (78.7cm).

By adjusting only a few knurled screws you can make sure Yellowtec’s m!ka Microphone Arm securely fastens your mic according to its weight, in any position you pull it to.

Be it a switch in seats or a recording setup which is used by different persons, our m!ka Mic Arm allows you to customize your mic’s position within seconds. Fully compatible with the whole m!ka system, you can take full advantage of the given variety of mounting options to tailor your setup to your individual needs.

  • Microphone Arm M has a maximum reach of 31" (78.7cm)
  • Supports microphones weighing up to 4.5 lbs (2kg)
  • Adjustable friction joints
  • Wiring concealed by tubes and joints
  • Open-end cable tails (without XLR's)
  • Option to add Neutrik Gold XLR connectors
  • Sturdy tube construction
  • Made of durable, silk-mat anodized aluminum
  • Various mounting options (see below)

Yellowtec m!ka Microphone Arms have an internal cable concealed in the tubes and joints of the arm. By default, this cable comes unteriminated from the factory. This is because in broadcast environments, it is customary to feed a loose cable end through a small hole or conduit before connecting it to a preamp or a recording device. Since the cable with a connector installed may not fit through a small hole or conduit, the default option is for the cable ends to be unterminated.

However, Pro Audio LA can terminate your Yellowtec m!ka Microphone Arm with Neutrik Gold connectors so it's ready to "plug and play." Alternatively, if you'd like to terminate the cable yourself but would like us to include the Neutrik Gold XLR connectors, that option is also available.

Various microphones are available to bundle with your Yellowtec m!ka Microphone Arm. Choose from a range of products at a range of price points

While it is not required, the Shure A26X 3" Extension Tube makes mounting some microphones like the Shure SM7B easier due to the position of the XLR position on the SM7B microphone. The A26X extention tube can also help with mounting clearence/length with other microphones.

The Cloud CL-1 Cloudlifter gives dynamic microphones up to +25dB of additional active output. This translating to more signal, less noise, and a stronger presence in the audio signal. It is a highly-recommended accessory that will improve the sound quality of almost any dynamic microphone. Phantom power (48 volts) supplied by your preamp provides the power to the Cloudlifter which then "activates" your microphone for higher, cleaner output.

The internal cable of the Yellowtec m!ka Microphone Arm has 3 feet of Slack on the output side at the bottom of the arm to connect to any microphone preamp, recording device, or the Cloud CL-1 Cloudlifter. If using the CL-1 Cloudlifter, an additional XLR cable is required to connect from the CL-1 to your microphone preamp or recording device. Easily add whatever length you need using this option if you don't already have an XLR cable to make this connection.


Mounting Option 1 | Non-Permanent Table Clamp Mounting Option

  • Use Yellowtec Table Clamp (Model YT3210)
  • Suitable table thickness: 0.71 - 2.88 inches (18 - 74mm)
  • NOT compatible with round table edges
  • No drilling required

Mounting Option 2 | Permanent, Elevated Mounting (3.5" Higher than Table Top)

  • Use Yellowtec Table Through Mount (Model YT3215)
  • Suitable table thickness: up to 0.98 inches (25mm)
  • Requires drilling a hole through the desk

Mounting Option 3 | Permanent, Elevated Mounting (3.5" Higher than Table Top)

  • Use Yellowtec Table Mount (Model YT3216)
  • Suitable for any table thickness
  • 3 screws secure Table Mount to table top
  • No drilling required

Mounting Option 4 | Permanent Mounting (Flush to Table Top)

  • Use Yellowtec Bushing Mount (Model YT3211)
  • Suitable table thickness: up to 1.77 inches (45mm)
  • Requires drilling a hole through the desk

For more information on this or any other Yellowtec product, visit www.yellowtec.com.
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