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  Pro Audio LA Demo Rooms
Demo Rooms
Mastering Room
Mastering Room
Our Mastering Room features a functional mastering workflow centered around a Dangerous Liaison routing matrix and stereo outboard gear from D.W. Fearn, Manley Labs, A Designs, and RJR. The Mastering Room also features Primacoustic acoustic treatment, a Buso Audio Mastering desk, and the whole Amphion range of studio monitors including the BassOne25 System. Stop by to learn about the mastering process, listen to some Amphion monitors, and check out great "2-Bus" gear.
Production Room
Production Room
Our Production Room features a production-style workflow including Roland V-Drums, MIDI modules powered by M.O.T.U., and a Kemper profiling amp. The "Red Room" also features Vicoustic acoustic treatment, a Sterling Modular Producer desk, a Genelec 2.1 system, an assortment of summing mixers, and select front-end microphone preamps, EQ's, and compressors from D.W. Fear, BAE, Avedis, Rupert Neve Designs, Elysia, T.K. Audio, Foote Control Systems, and Thermionic Culture.
SSL Mix Room
SSL Mix Room
Our flagship SSL Tracking/Mixing room features top of the line Acoustic Treatment from Vicoustic as well as 3-way studio monitors from Focal and Unity Audio. The system is centered around a Solid State Logic AWS 916 Console featuring 16 SSL preamps & EQ's as well as DAW control, talkback, SSL buss compressor, and more. All our rooms are tied together with analog and digital connectivity to provide for a seamless and functional integration throughout the facility.
Live Room
Live Room
Our 150 sq. foot live room highlights our custom, in-house line of acoustic treatment while our fully-wired wall panel creates the perfect environment to test out microphones from brands including AEA, Neumann, Sennheiser, Earthworks, Bock, AKG, Telefunken, and more. We host regular training workshops and live performances promoting local bands so check our Facebook page for our next live stream.
5.1 Surround Sound Room
5.1 Surround Sound Room
Our 5.1 Surround Sound Room features acoustic treatment from Artnovion, a Zoar workstation desk
& speaker stands, monitors from Focal, Neumann,
& Genelec, and a Grace Designs m905 monitor controller. A big projector screen makes it the ideal environment for lectures and workshops which we host regularly with industry professionals who are full of tips and tricks to help improve your productions. Come and immerse yourself in our interactive demo experiences that are just as much about learning as checking out gear.
We Have Demo Rooms
Live in the Los Angeles area or visiting? We invite you to come check out our demo rooms where we feature a range of consoles, outboard gear, microphones, studio furniture, acoustic treatment, studio monitors, and of course our custom cable shop. We are available to consult with you on optimizing your studio workflow to help you "Make Better Music."

Our fully-functional rooms are also available for recording, mixing, mastering, and even live streaming events. We're available anytime Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm and also by appointment.
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