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Audeze LCD-5 | Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

Audeze LCD-5 | Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Product Code: AUDEZE-100-L5-1025-02

Audiophiles, audio engineers, and audio aficionados will be thrilled by the Audeze LCD-5, a pair of high-performance, open-back reference planar magnetic headphones that are designed for professional mixing, mastering, and reference-level personal hi-fi listening, even when connected to a low-powered external headphone amplifier or portable device. Instead of utilizing traditional dynamic cone drivers, the headphones implement a neodymium planar magnetic transducer design to deliver a frequency response of 5 Hz to 50 kHz with a THD of less than 0.1%, an impedance of 14 ohms, an efficiency of 100 dB per 1mW, and a total output SPL of over 130 dB. The Audeze LCD-5 are handmade in the USA.

Product Features:
  • Improved Structural Design
  • 33% Lighter Design than LCD-4
  • Neodymium Planar Magnetic Transducers
  • 5 Hz to 50 kHz Frequency Response
  • Easy-to-Drive, 14-Ohm Impedance
  • Updated Fluxor Magnets
  • Updated Fazor Waveguides
  • Parallel Uniforce Voice Coils
  • Includes Aluminum Travel Case
  • Premium Braided 2.5mm to 4-Pin XLR Cable
What's New
  • New planar driver and magnet structure extends frequency response
  • 1/3 less weight than the LCD-4
  • New sculpted earpad design improves upper midrange response
  • Improved structural design incorporating magnesium, acetate, and carbon-fiber

Transparency, Resolution, and Speed
The LCD-5 sets a new standard for accuracy. Its drivers are engineered with Audeze's award-winning Fluxor magnets and updated Fazor waveguides along with new, patent-pending Parallel Uniforce voice coils, which employ varying width parallel traces to keep the impedance low and provide increased voltage headroom by altering the current density within each trace. The uniform force created by this optimization lowers distortion and provides better control over diaphragm movement, resulting in improved sonic resolution.

Clarity and Imaging
Audeze optimized every aspect of the LCD-5's acoustic chamber to achieve pinpoint imaging and an extremely clean and clear soundstage. The new sculpted earpads and acoustically transparent mesh are designed to minimize reflections and resonance, while the Parallel Uniforce voice coil allows increased space between magnets for improved frequency response and a more open soundstage. LCD-5 also features newly designed low-profile Fazor waveguides to further reduce diffractions and interactions with the ear.

Elegant Comfortable Design
Weighing in at only 14.8 oz, the LCD-5 offers hours of listening pleasure. Every part has been re-engineered, using materials such as magnesium, aluminum, and acetate, which offer light weight and high rigidity. When you put on a pair of LCD-5s, your head and ears are cradled in materials of the finest quality. Supple premium leather and carbon-fiber pull all the elements together into a package of the finest craftsmanship, which is hand-assembled in Audeze's California workshop.

Sculpted Earpads
The new sculpted, internally sloped earpad architecture reduces unwanted resonances and interior reflections. The ergonomic design cradles your cranium, and helps naturally place the headphones in the optimal listening position. The pads have less contact surface area than standard designs to reduce fatigue while providing a superior seal for all shapes and sizes.

Ultrahigh-Purity Adaptable Balanced Cable
The LCD-5 cable is specially tuned with directional OCC high-purity copper strands that provide a low capacitance and low-resistance path for the signal to travel from your amp to the drivers, maintaining unsurpassed clarity and precision.

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