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Genelec 7.1.4 Immersive Audio Atmos Studio Monitor System

Genelec 7.1.4 Immersive Audio Atmos Studio Monitor System

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  • Full-range frequency response and ultra-precise imaging for pro-level Dolby Atmos production
  • This bundle comes with the mounting hardware for proper installation
  • Bundle includes (3) Genelec 8351B SAM speakers, (8) Genelec 8341A SAM speakers, (1) Genelec 7380A SAM subwoofer and Mounting Hardware
  • Searching for a top-of-the-line studio monitor system for your 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos rig? If so, this 12-speaker setup from Genelec is sure to blow you away. Three 8351B speakers supply rock-solid performance for your front channels, while eight 8341A SAM speakers handle surround and overhead duties with aplomb. You also get a 7380A SAM subwoofer for your LFE channel. Jam-packed with Genelec's tried-and-true proprietary technology, these studio monitors deliver the full-range frequency response and ultra-precise imaging you'll need for pro-level Dolby Atmos production. What's more, this bundle provides you with the mounting hardware you'll need for proper installation.

    Note: The Dolby Atmos naming convention consists of [Standard Channels].[LFE Channels].[Overhead Channels]. Hence, a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system includes seven standard channels (left front, center, right front, left side surround [Lss], right side surround [Rss], and left rear surround [Lrs] and right rear surround [Rrs]), one LFE channel, and four overhead channels.

    Genelec 8351B SAM
    With an upgraded high-frequency driver and more powerful integrated amplifiers, Genelec's 8351B is a noticeable improvement on the original 8351A model. These 3-way studio monitors combine dual 8-inch woofers with a 5-inch midrange speaker and a 1-inch high-frequency dome tweeter. Thanks to its ACW (Acoustically Concealed Woofer) design, the 8351B offers the kind of broad sweet spot engineers here at ProAudioLA look for, while Genelec's unique DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide) delivers precision stereo imaging. On top of all of this, you also get the benefits of Genelec's SAM (Smart Active Monitor) technology, which automatically calibrates your 8351B studio monitors to any control room or speaker configuration.

    This bundle includes three Genelec 8351B speakers, delivering no-compromise sound for your Dolby Atmos system's left front, center, right front channels.

    Genelec 8341A SAM
    For extraordinary imaging, extended frequency response, and fatigue-free listening at near- to midfield distances, you can't beat point-source monitoring. Genelec has point source nailed with their 8341 SAM. Part of Genelec's "The Ones" series, this revolutionary 3-way studio monitor combines Genelec's Acoustically Concealed Woofer (ACW) technology with other innovative technologies to deliver an impressively linear payload over a remarkably wide bandwidth, resulting in phenomenal imaging and clarity. You'll be floored by Genelec's Smart Active Monitor (SAM) technology, which optimizes level, timing, and equalization of room response anomalies. The result is an amazingly tight, accurate sound with enormous dynamic range and unprecedented frequency response, regardless of where you choose to work. On top of that, these monitors perform optimally in both horizontal and vertical positions.

    This bundle includes two Genelec 8341A SAM speakers to tackle the left side surround and right side surround positions, plus another two Genelec 8341A SAM speakers to handle the left rear surround and right rear surround applications.

    You also get two Genelec 8341A SAM speakers for left top overhead and right top overhead duties, plus another two Genelec 8341A SAM speakers for the left top rear overhead and right top rear overhead positions.

    Genelec 7380A SAM
    Genelec’s 7380A SAM active subwoofer is a powerful and precise bass monitoring tool for your 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system. With its world-class 16Hz low-frequency extension, high-sound-pressure output capability, and versatile bass management system, the 7380A delivers accurate low-frequency monitoring for all analog and digital applications, such as recording studios, digital workstations, and TV and radio broadcasting facilities. The 7380A incorporates several proprietary technologies, including Genelec’s LSE (Laminar Spiral Enclosure), AutoCal, and the GLM control network. This 15-inch subwoofer is powered by an onboard 800-watt Class D amplifier and employs active crossovers, Intelligent Signal Sensing, and protection circuitry.

    This bundle includes one Genelec 7380A SAM subwoofer, yielding top-shelf low-frequency audio reproduction for your LFE channel.

    For more information on this or any other Genelec product, visit www.genelec.com.