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Genelec 8341A SAM | 3-Way Smart Active Studio Monitor | Single (Producer Finish)

Genelec 8341A SAM | 3-Way Smart Active Studio Monitor | Single (Producer Finish)

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Add GLM V2.0 User Kit and/or Volume Control

Genelec Mounting Solution

Precision by Triad-Orbit Mounting Solution

IsoAcoustics Mounting Solutions

Styled in a finish dubbed "producer" by this item's manufacturers, the Genelec 8341A is a point-source monitor meant for near-field applications in the realm of pro audio. It features a coaxial design which nestles driver and tweeter—as well as two 6.6” woofers—in one location, thus aligning their acoustical axes, and securing an accurate point of sonic radiation. It’s also worth noting the 8341A’s Intelligent Signal Sensing technology, as well as the connections this technology affords you: ISS automatically detects whether analog or digital sources are being run into the monitor and allows the speaker to produce sound accordingly. To put it another way, one XLR input accepts analog signals, the other XLR takes AES/EBU, and the monitor itself automatically selects the input source.

Unless you don’t want it to, in which case you can make use of Genelec’s GLM software, which can override the automated selecting of signal. It can also help you tune the monitor to your room and facilitate and coordinate daisy-chaining monitors. To make use of the GLM software, you’ll need, at minimum, Cat5 cables for routing to/from the monitor to a GLM adapter (available separately). You’ll note that RJ45 ports are provided for this very purpose. An XLR output jack is also on hand for sending identical copies of incoming AES/EBU signals to other monitors.

For standalone usage, DIP switches and a rotary control for level are offered on the rear of the monitor. Here, you’ll also find a reflex port to better direct low-end energy. An Iso-Pod stand is included to facilitate isolation from aurally deleterious surfaces. Other assets, such as the 8341A’s acoustically concealed woofers, minimum diffraction coaxial construction, and proprietary waveguide, are further expounded upon in the features section.

Product Features:
  • Smart Active Monitor (SAM) provides remarkably accurate monitoring
  • Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) delivers focused near- and midfield sound
  • Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC) driver provides superior imaging
  • Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) for linear on- and off-axis response
  • Dual Acoustically Concealed Woofers (ACW) extend directivity control to bass frequencies
  • Optimum performance in both horizontal and vertical position
  • Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) Technology
  • Reflex Port Design
  • Protection circuitry
  • Requires GLM V2.0 User Kit - sold separately

Mounting Options

Genelec Mounting Solution
Genelec offers wide range of accessories and fixed mounting points to all common installation situations.

(1) 8000-402B Wall Mounting Bracket:

This wall mounting bracket is steady, and easy to install. The pan & tilt feature offers you various options to position your loudspeaker.

(2) 8000-325B Table Stand L-Shape:

With this stand it is easy to position the speaker vertically on a table with better aiming to the listening position. The stand improves the acoustical performance by raising the monitors above the table level, causing less reflections from the table surface. The sturdy stand has a 0-20-degree upward tilt angle adjustment upwards. You can position your monitor either vertically or horizontally.

(3) 8000-436B Short Ceiling Mount:
Position your Genelec loudspeaker with this sturdy and reliable ceiling mount.

(4) 8000-442B Short Adjustable Ceiling Mount:

The adjustable ceiling mount is suitable for all 8000 series models. The mounting system has three different height positions, 400, 500 and 600 mm, and a down tilt feature of 90 degrees. A hollow circular tube with an inside diameter of 50 mm allows you to hide the cords, as it is possible to run them through the tube.

(5) 8000-444B Long Adjustable Ceiling Mount:
This mounting system has six different height positions, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200 mm, and a down tilt feature of 90 degrees. A hollow circular tube with an inside diameter of 50 mm allows you to hide the cords, as it is possible to run them through the tube.

(6) 8000-446B Truss Mount Kit w/ Adjustable Length:

Position your monitors with this smart truss mount kit. The quick height adjustment feature with three different positioning options (355mm, 430mm, and 505mm) makes the monitor adjustment easy. The kit includes a clamp for Ø50 mm tube.

(7) 8000-416C Short Truss Mount w/ Clamp:
This simple but steady short truss mount comes with a clamp for Ø 50 mm tube.

Precision by Triad-Orbit Mounting Solution
Immersive Sound Speaker Mount System offers many options for mounting onto walls and ceilings with Triad-Orbit Technology. This uniquely designed patent-pending speaker mounting system allows the installer to meet the critical demands of Dolby Atmos and immersive sound installations providing unparalleled flexibility in mounting and alignment options, saving time in installation room tuning and laser alignments.

(1) SM-SW1 + WM1 Wall Mount & GP Generic Adapter:

The SM-SW1 is the strongest, most precise speaker mount. With the ability to lock speaker tilt in 15-degree increments and pan on 30-degree increments, the SM-SW1 Speaker Mount is perfect for heavier speakers and critical listening spaces like Dolby Atmos mixing rooms.

The SW1 requires a WM1 Wall Mount due to the heavier weights of SM-SW1 compatible speakers. Fortunately it makes installation a breeze. Just press against the wall at your desired location and mark the mounting holes with a pencil. Then pre-drill into studs or place your anchors. Attach the WM1 to your wall.

The GP Generic Adapter connects your speaker to the SM-SW1.

IsoAcoustics Mounting Solutions
Featuring IsoAcoustics award winning isolation technology, V120 Mount is a studio monitor ceiling and wall mount that decouples studio monitors from wall and ceiling structures, mitigating structure borne vibrations from exciting the supporting surfaces.

The V120 isolation mount is adaptable to wall mount and ceiling structures and is designed to be compatible with many studio monitors weighing up to 40lbs (18.1kg).

(1) V120 Mount + C-Bracket:
Improved Spatial Openness and Clarity for Wall & Ceiling Mounted Pro Audio Speakers.

The C-Bracket will allow the studio monitors to be focused downwards, or tilted up to 45 upwards. If you need to tilt your studio monitors higher, then please use the L-Bracket instead of the C-Bracket.

(2) V120 Mount + L-Bracket:
The L-Bracket will allow the studio monitor to be focused horizontally, or tilt up to 45 degrees downwards. The C-Bracket will allow the studio monitors to be focused downwards, or tilted up to 45 upwards. If you need to tilt your studio monitors lower, then please use the C-Bracket instead of the L-Bracket.

Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) Compatible
GLM, a proprietary software available free from Genelec, allows you to coordinate, equalize, and otherwise manage your 8341A to its fullest potential.

Analog or AES/EBU
The 8341A's audio inputs are designed to integrate easily into all professional environments, supporting balanced, line-level analog and AES/EBU-format digital signal. Analog input is selected when the AES/EBU input is not connected. The AES/EBU format digital audio input is selected automatically when a valid digital audio signal is present. Automatic audio signal input selection can be overridden, however, when the 8341A is controlled by a GLM network, enabling flexible selection of either input. On the output side, an XLR connecter outputs an unaltered copy of the incoming AES/EBU signal, enabling daisy-chaining of up to four monitors. The proper digital channel can be selected using DIP switches or via GLM.

Minimum-Diffraction Coaxial Driver (MDC)
The minimum-diffraction coaxial driver is comprised of a midrange element combined with a tweeter that extends to ultrasonic frequencies. This arrangement minimizes or eliminates acoustic diffraction sources typically found in coaxial drivers, engendering a flat frequency response both on the acoustical axis and at all off-axis points of listening. The 8341A may be oriented either horizontally or vertically, and is intended for near-field listening where the influences of the room can be minimized as much as possible. Typical distances can vary from approximately three to ten feet, depending on room size and SPL requirements.

Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW)
The 8341A has an uncharacteristically large directivity-control waveguide extending over the whole front face of the enclosure. The midrange driver cone also forms a part of the directivity-control waveguide for the tweeter. From behind the waveguide, two woofers radiate audio through two openings in the enclosure front. This design enables directivity control of all audio frequencies down to the low bass.

Smart Active Monitor (SAM)
SAM technology can improve the reliability and accuracy of these monitors, providing several parametric notch and shelving filters that can be tuned automatically in concert with GLM software, thus compensating for coloration generated by room acoustics. This enables SAM monitors to sound neutral and achieve accurate imaging in most acoustical environments.

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