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Primacoustic RX5 | Recoil Stabilizer Monitor Platform

Primacoustic RX5 | Recoil Stabilizer Monitor Platform

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Product Code: PRIMA-Z860-1505

Configuration Options

  • 3 layer near field monitor platform.
  • Thick foam pad decouples the speaker from the surface
  • Heavy steel platform stabilizes monitor from movement of the driver
  • Neoprene top surface holds the loudspeaker in place.
  • Available in several sizes and configurations
  • Priced and sold individually

  • Selecting the right model

    Recoil Stabilizers come in many sizes and angles to fit virtually any setup and pair of monitor speakers. Please note: the platform adds an extra 2 inches of monitor height to your monitors.

    View the Primacoustic Reference Chart for more information.

    When selecting a Recoil Stabilizer be sure the weight of your monitor is below the max load limit.

    Firing Angles:

    Horizontal 0
    The HF horizontal fire will add 2 inches to the height of the speaker. Ideal for speaker stands with adjustable height. If the platform of the monitor stand is too small, place a high density block of wood under the recoil stabilizer.

    Down fire 5
    The DF down fire compensates for the added 2" height by way of a 5 downward angle. Use down fire stabilizers when monitor shelves are at the proper height or on a meter bridge.

    Up fire 10
    Up-fire Recoils are designed for post production suittes where monitors are often placed directly on a desk top. These introduce a more acute 10 angle that better directs the tweeter to the listening position. The up-fire angle can also be handy for smaller near field monitor when placed along side larger ones when sharing the same shelf.

    For more information on this or any Primacoustic product, visit www.primacoustic.com