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Trinnov Audio Nova | Loudspeaker/Room Optimizer Processor | 6 Channels Optimized

Trinnov Audio Nova | Loudspeaker/Room Optimizer Processor | 6 Channels Optimized

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NOVA is set to be the new must-have in the music industry. Compact, powerful and flexible, it will fit in your studio or in your backpack and prove to be the most essential piece of equipment in your studio.
Product Features:
  • Comprehensive set of analog and digital I/Os
  • Dante Audio Interface (8in x 8out)
  • 6 channels of Loudspeaker/Room Optimization included
  • Handles multiple stereo or a single 5.1 speaker set
  • Bass management
  • Full control via Trinnov's La Remote

The Trinnov NOVA is a compact, powerful and flexible monitoring optimizer designed to fit in your studio or in your backpack! Trinnov's renowned Optimizer technology is arguably the most efficient supercharger for your mixes. In a more compact format, NOVA makes this essential technology more accessible to music makers. Yet, NOVA is not just an Optimizer, it is the backbone of your entire monitoring system!

From renowned sound engineers to loudspeaker manufacturers, loudspeaker/room optimization is being fast adopted by the music industry. This area of acoustic research and innovation has been Trinnov's main focus and expertise since 2005 and they are recognized as the undisputed leader in this field! NOVA gives you access to cutting-edge Trinnov Optimizer technology allowing you to change the way you work and never look back. Stop second-guessing and start focusing on your music!

Packed in a shallow 1U chassis, NOVA is deceptively powerful and covers all your monitoring needs from stereo to 5.1. NOVA handles analog and digital signals like no other monitor controller. Connect, align, and seamlessly switch between sources and multiple sets of monitors, regardless of their format or connection. You can also create your own downmix profiles to check the phase and mono compatibility of your mixes.

NOVA comes with a comprehensive set of I/Os to connect all your equipment in analog, digital, or even Dante Audio-over-IP. Trinnov’s latest DAC and ADC deliver crisp signals to your monitors and drive the integrated headphone output.

As a Dante device, connect NOVA easily within your audio network with low latency (down to 250 microseconds). You can also use NOVA as your main audio interface along with the Dante virtual sound card for direct DAW-to-monitoring integration.

Enjoy Trinnov’s acclaimed Optimizer technology across all your loudspeakers. Rediscover your monitoring system and a new, far more enjoyable and efficient music making experience. The backlit NOVA logo on the front panel indicates the Optimizer and calibration status.

Being Avid EUCON compliant, NOVA allows advanced monitoring control and can easily be integrated to your production tools. It can be set up either as a full monitoring controller on multiple speaker sets with sources selection and summation or as a discreet embedded audio insert processing toolbox in the loudspeaker path.

Subwoofer integration is a common challenge in studios. Yet, integrating subwoofers seamlessly still brings multiple benefits to all mixers and sound designers. NOVA handles this daunting task easily either over single or dual subwoofer configurations and let you even share the same subwoofers across multiple monitor sets in an instant.

NOVA is the first of a new generation of Trinnov products, based on an entirely redesigned platform which redefines the way Trinnov designs audio processors. After more than 4 years of development, the new hardware platform combines greater modularity, higher performance, enhanced reliability and native support for Audio-over-IP. This new hardware was also designed with the user experience in mind, enabling for more streamlined setup and day to day operations.

Trinnov's new hardware architecture provides more modularity and possibilities in terms of product development, starting with the ability to make PC-less and fan-less products, such as NOVA !! This new architecture also allows us to design products around single electronic boards for optimum efficiency, reliability, and transportability.

One of the most critical developments was the redesign of the Trinnov Audio Core, the main audio component of Trinnov products. The TAC2 is five times smaller than the previous one, and yet comes with added features and better performances.

The AD/DA section has also been redesigned around ESS Sabre chipsets. Noise and distortion levels have been reduced at all frequencies, allowing for more accurate monitoring.

Still custom Linux based, Trinnov entirely re-engineered the operating system which optimizes hardware performance, security, upgradability and network management. This operating system drives Trinnov's new audio core, which is more compact, efficient and handles the audio processing thanks to its built-in ARM processor.

The Optimizer technology is very sophisticated but completely redesigned user experience make it easy to harness. Start with the Trinnov app:

  • Download the Windows or macOS Trinnov application
  • Start the app and automatically find your Trinnov Audio processor on the local network
  • Take control of your processor’s main features, volume, dim, mute, preset selection

From the Trinnov app, you can also open a simple control window rather than the full user interface. The simplified control App is similar to the iPad and iPhone version of the Trinnov App. From controlling the volume to mute and dim, the app will also let you change sources or trigger your favorite presets to name a few options.

For NOVA features an interface completely redesigned around a modern web-based interface. With its built-in help and clear menu structure, using NOVA should be self-explanatory, including the Setup procedure for which you will be guided through a simple step by step sequence.



  • 1x Calibration Microphone Ethercon Input
  • 1x Jack 6.35 stereo Headphone Output
  • 1x USB Type A port for La Remote
  • Standby / Mute button
  • LED status


  • ADC Resolution/Sampling Rate: 24-bit/192 kHz
  • DAC Resolution/Sampling Rate: 24-bit/192 kHz
  • A/D Dynamic Range (AES17): 115 dB (A-Weighted, ref. +18 dBu)
  • D/A Dynamic Range (AES17): 115 dB (A-Weighted, ref. +18 dBu)
  • D/A THD+N ratio: > 110 dB, 1 kHz @0 dBFS (20 kHz BW)
  • Processing Sampling Rate: Native (no internal sampling rate conversion)
  • Processing Resolution: 64 bits floating point
  • 6 Optimizer processing channels included


  • 1x ADAT or SPDIF optical input
  • 1x SPDIF coaxial input
  • 2x Ethernet ports (Dante 8-in/8-out)
  • 1x AES3 XLR stereo output
  • 2x XLR Balanced Inputs
  • 4x jack 6.35mm balanced inputs
  • 6x XLR balanced outputs


  • Network connectivity: IPV4 dual connector with configurable integrated switch
  • IP Configuration modes: DHCP / Auto-IP link local / fixed IP
  • Eucon compatibility via the “Trinnov App”

For more information on this or any other Trinnov Audio product, visit www.trinnov.com.