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Trinnov Audio MC-HCC Pro AES67/MADI | Monitor Controller and Speaker Processor

Trinnov Audio MC-HCC Pro AES67/MADI | Monitor Controller and Speaker Processor

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  • Adds MADI connectivity to the AES67/Ravenna configuration
  • MADI and AoIP can be fed to the processor simultaneously
  • Pre-configured PRC2 processors High Channel Count
  • Do not include Optimizer licenses
  • Both loudspeaker processor and monitor controller in one

  • The Trinnov MC-HCC Pro AES67/MADI features up to to 64 MADI I/O Processor via MADI optical or MADI coaxial (BNC). Pre-configured PRC2 processors High Channel Count do not include Optimizer licenses.

    Designed to meet the most demanding requirements of HDTV and feature film mixing, the MC Processor includes an extensive set of innovative monitoring features, from loudspeaker/room correction to time code aware loudness metering.

    Over the past few years, Digital Television and Digital Cinema have transformed audio production workflows, setting multichannel audio as new standard while broadcast guidelines started to mention loudness normalization. This has made the recording, mixing and quality control processes even more challenging. Sound engineers have to deal with multiple formats and complex mixes that need to be fully compliant with restrictive industry recommendations. In addition, contents must translate seamlessly for a majority of listeners, on various and disparate set top boxes and audio devices.

    Trinnov’s MC Processor precisely answers this need by gathering speaker processor capabilities, monitor management, editable downmix matrix, dynamic range control, acoustic analysis, loudspeaker/room optimization and EBU R128 compliant metering in a single and affordable device, therefore ensuring simplified workflow and integration.

    Trinnov MC Processors are based on a flexible hardware platform scalable from 4 to 64 channels.

    • Both AES8 and Analog8 standard configurations allow for 8 simultaneous I/O and 8 processing channels. Optional AES8 and/or ADA4 boards may be added to provide up to 16 simultaneous I/O channels. Alternatively, AES inputs can be configured for input source switching of 3 groups of 8 inputs (3xAES8).
    • Above 16 channels, the Trinnov Audio Core section can be replaced by a RME HDSP MADI interface that handles up to 64 digital I/Os.


    The MC Processor is both:

    • A professional speaker processor: gains, delays, active crossovers, bass management, multiple manual FIR and graphic EQs, trims, routing matrix, monitor controller, clocking, presets recall, remote control, USB backup…
    • A monitoring controller: solo or mute any channel, control your master level, select different sources and translate any of them into different downmixes. Send GPO commands to third-party equipment. the platform features an ATSC A/85 compliant Dynamic Range Control and a flexible Downmix engine to emulate any possible downstream playback.


    The MC Processor can be extended with optional software modules:

    • The Optimizer software option turns the MC Processor into the most advanced Loudspeaker/Room correction system, taking the room acoustics into account to tune and align speakers in both frequency and time domains. Used in many prestigious music, mastering, TV and cinema studios around the world, the Optimizer ensures a better mix translation between rooms and dramatically accelerates the engineer’s workflow and decision making during recording and mixing.
    • The SmartMeter software option provides reliable quality control, with a comprehensive metering toolkit that includes EBU-R128 compliant Loudness and True Peak metering, PPM, QPPM, vectorscope, correlation meters and surround analyzer. The SmartMeter helps you to improve the consistency of loudness throughout your productions.


    • Customizable Profiles: 8 customisables profiles allow to mix up different parameters independantly from any of the 29 existing user presets.
    • Remote Control: real-time remote capabalities can be achieved using RS-232, Ethernet IP protocol, optional GPIO boards, optional IR module and/or KVM, optional VGA/DVI touchscreens, and from any PC, Mac, iPad, SmartPhone (with VNC client applications, through the network).
    • Backup: the processor also supports FTP reporting and USB parameters storage/backups.
    • Login: lock sensitive settings with a username and password.

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