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RME Fireface UFX+ USB / Thunderbolt Interface & Custom Mogami Line Input/Output Panel

RME Fireface UFX+ USB / Thunderbolt Interface & Custom Mogami Line Input/Output Panel

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List Price: $3,299.00
Our Price: $3,004.00

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Length of Cable (Total from End to End)

  • Interface: 94 Input / 94 Output channels
  • (12) Analog I/O
  • (4) Mic/Instrument Preamp, digitally controlled
  • (1) AES/EBU I/O 2 x ADAT I/O (or 1 x ADAT I/O plus 1 x SPDIF I/O optical)
  • (1) Word Clock I/O / MADI Coaxial
  • (1) MADI optical I/O 2 x MIDI I/O
  • (1) Thunderbolt connectivity
  • (1) USB 3.0
  • TotalMix FX

    • Conveniently access Line inputs/outputs 1-8 from the front of your rack
    • 1 RU 16-Channel Rack Panel w/ Neutrik Connectors
    • Made from Mogami 16-Channel 2934 Multichannel Audio Snake Cable & Neutrik Gold Connectors
    • Panel End: (14) Neutrik TRS-Female connectors & (2) Neutrik XLR-Male connectors
    • Snake End: (14) Neutrik TRS-Male connectors & (2) Neutrik XLR-Male connectors (connects to UFX +)
    • Configure Cable Length on Product Page
    • Lifetime Warranty (Pro Audio LA Warranty Covers Parts & Workmanship)
    • Rack panel can be purchased by itself HERE

    The Fireface UFX+ becomes the center of any multitrack studio because it is able to
    handle up to 94 channels I/O with ease. With unprecedented flexibility, compatibility, the inclusion of DURec (Direct USB Recording) and RME’s famous low latency hardware and driver designs, the Fireface UFX+ raises the bar to new heights.

    Packed with features not found on its older sibling, including MADI I/O (188 channels of I/O, 128 channels more than the Fireface UFX), a more powerful DSP, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt™ technology, and a new optional remote control firmly places the RME Fireface UFX+ as the new reference in multitrack recording, mixing and monitoring.

    You name it, you connect it
    Its flexibility in connectivity and expansion is unrivalled – Analog, ADAT, MADI, AES, SPDIF. USB 2, USB 3 and Thunderbolt technology are standard on the Fireface UFX+. The UFX+ has an impressive channel count: 12 analog + 16 ADAT + 2 AES + 64 MADI = 94 channels input plus output = 188 channels in total. Thunderbolt technology gives the Fireface UFX+ real PCI Express audio ­performance under Mac and Windows, with lowest latency, lowest system overhead and lowest CPU load. The Fireface UFX+ is fully Thunderbolt technology compatible under Windows, including hot-plugging.

    All new AD/DA converters, optimized analog I/O circuits, as well as improved SNR and THD values guarantee pristine, crystal clear and transparent audio. A new PAD-free mic circuit design with +18 dBu maximum input level and 75 dB gain range serves even the most critical recording situation and source trouble-free.

    New low impedance Hi-Power phones outputs (2 Ohms) with +19 dBu maximum output level provide ample output power as well as volume on any phones, high or low impedance.

    Comprehensive MADI Connectivity
    The Fireface UFX+ opens the doors to a host of RME and 3rd party digital and analog I/O solutions. Expanding your analog channel count, the ability to route/mix within the digital domain through numerous sources presents many flexible options. Multiple external MADI devices can also be connected in series.

    To further enhance MADI flexibility, the Fireface UFX+ boasts some typical RME-style features. For example in USB 2 mode, which is limited to 30 channels I/O (12 analog plus 16 ADAT plus AES), the MADI I/O is still available via RME’s integrated hardware mixer TotalMix FX. Word Clock I/O (BNC) can be switched to MADI I/O (coaxial), and a special split mode even supports the use of both MADI I/Os simultaneously, with 32 channel each on optical and coaxial.

    Improved DURec (Direct USB Recording)
    DURec, which is available on the front of the Fireface UFX+, now offers second generation hardware with improved USB functionality and compatibility, providing greater reliability even with slower or multi-partitioned USB thumb drives.

    The maximum number of recordable channels has been raised to 76, meaning all 12 analog inputs plus 64 MADI channels can be recorded simultaneously. An internal Realtime Clock (RTC) delivers time-stamped files, and playback now includes several advanced player functions previously unavailable.

    ARC USB Remote Control - Plug’n Play Plus
    The ARC USB connects to your computer via USB, and talks to TotalMix FX directly. It has 15 freely assignable and illuminated buttons, one encoder wheel, and a TS jack to connect a foot switch.

    The ARC USB is a USB 1.1 MIDI remote control for the Fireface UFX+. Thanks to operating as a UAC 1 class device, it is natively compatible to Windows and Mac OS X. As soon as it is present in the operating system, TotaIMix FX will automatically detect the ARC USB, and communicate with it via simple MIDI remote commands to control the UFX+.

    TotalMix FX
    Since 2001, TotalMix has added unlimited routing and mixing to RME audio interfaces. Its unique capability to create as many independent submixes as output channels available, turned it into the most flexible and powerful mixer of its kind.

    With supported hardware, TotalMix FX includes a complete effects system, which not only adds flexibility to the recording chain, but also makes latency saddled software solutions obsolete.

    TotalMix FX can completely replace an external mixer, enabling the creation of multiple latency-free monitor mixes with EQ, Dynamics, Reverb and Delay for any outputs, incl. main monitors and headphone mixes for musicians.

    TotalMix FX for iPad App
    TotalMix FX for iPad adds full control over hardware mixer and DSP effects for Fireface UFX+, UFX, UCX, 802, Babyface, Babyface Pro and MADIface Pro when in Class Compliant Mode, and lets you create, store and load complete mixes directly from the iPad

    For more information on this or any RME product, visit www.rme-audio.com