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Grimm Audio LS1v2 | Loudspeaker Pair | White Lacquer

Grimm Audio LS1v2 | Loudspeaker Pair | White Lacquer

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UC1 USB Interface & Monitor Controller

MU1 Media Player/Streamer

Subwoofers for 3-Way System

  • Unidirectional down to 250 Hz
  • DSP controlled frequency curve
  • Well-behaved off-axis response
  • Digital and analog audio inputs
  • Filtered analog subwoofer output
  • Fail safe due to excursion and thermal limiter
  • Remote control of volume and settings
  • Super low distortion NCore class D power amps
  • Audiophile quality Seas drivers
  • 5 year limited warranty

  • A good monitor combines a high degree of accuracy with untrammeled musicality. There aren’t many of those around – common wisdom has it that you can have one or the other but never both. The LS1 is the first monitor to prove conventional wisdom wrong.

    By integrating top quality digital signal processing, converters and amplifiers in one of the speakers’ legs, Grimm was able to apply technical strategies no one had used before. As a consequence, the LS1 is not just a loudspeaker, but a complete audio system that only needs an analog or digital line source to perform.

    “This speaker is explicitly for those who want the most neutral and transparent sound reproduction, no corners were cut.”

    True accuracy is about getting all the bits in the right place: not losing anything, not adding anything either. The LS1 offers this accuracy, reproducing a truly musical recording accurately, with all beauty intact. At the same time, the LS1 will also reproduce any imperfection, giving you all the information you need to get it right. These qualities make the LS1 an ideal monitor for both mastering and mixing.

    Looking at the design, the box is much wider than it is deep, the small (14 litres) sealed box is designed to provide an effective baffle down to around 250Hz. It is suspended between two half cylinders that combat diffractions and function as an integral two-legged floor stand. An 8” magnesium woofer and a 1” dome tweeter divide the work between them. Smart use of DSP via a Computer Aided Calibration process during production linearizes the frequency response and allows for a controlled bass response down to 35 Hz.

    Housed in one of the two legs are a 48/76-bit DSP, digital I/O, AD/DA, the same clock circuit as our CC1 master clock and the drive electronics, encompassing two 180W Class D power amplifiers of the groundbreaking Hypex NCore type.

    The concept of the LS1 draws maximum benefit from intelligent application of DSP technology. An IIR crossover imposes exact LR4 acoustic slopes crossing at 1550Hz, and the phase is subsequently corrected using an idealised inverted all-pass filter, resulting in a maximally linear phase response without any pre-echo’s. This removes the “digital loudspeaker sound signature” typical of the more ubiquitous impulse inverted FIR designs.

    Despite their compact size, the floor standing speakers are clearly intended as main monitors in mastering studios and mixing rooms that have space to put free-standing speakers. The DSP controlled analog subwoofer output allows for easy integration with stereo subwoofers, for those that need high SPL performance below 40 Hz. By selecting SB1 or LS1s subwoofer, perfect integration with the main system is obtained, effectively turning the LS1 into a threeway system. The MU1 music player or LS1r remote offer convenient control of all functions inside the LS1.

    There are many USB audio interfaces on the market but few of them are designed with both the sound quality and the specific use case in mind.

    The Grimm Audio UC1 is a mid price USB interface and monitor controller that has a different approach. It is an ideal match with the Grimm Audio LS1 or PMC monitoring systems, and works great with other active loudspeakers too.

    With the MU1, Grimm's goal was to set a new benchmark in music player design. The Linux-based computer system brings solid data integrity. In-house-designed FPGA interface board, which forms the heart of the MU1, offers breakthrough performance levels in format conversion and receives automatic updates whenever they have pushed the boundaries again. Needless to say, the MU1 features Grimm's trademark ultra-low jitter clock. This is a music player worthy of the name Grimm Audio.

    The SB1 with ‘DMF’ is a technological marvel. By applying ‘Digital Motional Feedback’, a control technology from the renowned Dutch high-tech industry, it became possible to achieve exceptionally low levels of distortion and full dynamic control. With an SB1 added for the bass frequencies, the LS1 system offers low distortion over the full audio band and redefines the term ‘transparency’. This is bass control like you’ve never experienced before.

    A pair of LS1s stereo subwoofers integrate seamlessly with the LS1 or LS1a. Its phase corrected crossover at 70 Hz is already build in the LS1, so just adding the subs turns the system into a unique phase coherent three-way system.

    For more information on this or any other Grimm Audio product, visit www.grimmaudio.com.