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Elysia Xpressor NEO | Qube Series Stereo Compressor

Elysia Xpressor NEO | Qube Series Stereo Compressor

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  • Available in 19-inch (1U) version, 500-series module, and qube desktop formats to accommodate any style of studio
  • Sleek form factor includes durable, lightweight housing and laser-engraved labeling for easily distinguished parameters
  • Vivid LED indicators provide precise, real-time feedback of Gain Reduction Limiter
  • Class A Topology ensures reliable, true analog stereo compression
  • Choose between logarithmic and linear release curves to fit your sonic needs
  • All control knobs feature 41-stepped potentiometers to dial in exact values with satisfying tactility
  • Dedicated I/O for parallel processing and side-chaining conserve internal processing power while keeping converter channels open

  • Finding a place in professional and home studios around the world, elysia’s xpressor is a mainstay of analog compression with some big shoes to fill. Now, elysia has meticulously re-engineered the iconic unit to suit the contemporary musician, introducing welcome tweaks while conserving the core processing that has produced its sought-after sound. Welcome xpressor neo, available in three distinct formats to meet your recording needs without compromising its vaunted output: 19-inch (1U) version, 500-series module, and qube — a desktop chassis for the modern producer.

    More than a facelift
    Visual differences are slight, but welcome, including vivid LEDs for precise, real-time monitoring of the Gain Reduction Limiter. German-made aluminum housing is both rugged and lightweight, laser-engraved for unmistakable labeling of parameters. Class-A topology and dedicated inputs for both parallel processing and side-chain compression maximize your available converter channels and internal processing power for smooth operation. Each of the threshold, attack, release, ratio, SCF, GRL, gain, and mix control knobs feature 41-stepped potentiometers to dial in exactly what you need.

    Deep control, straightforward interface
    The xpressor neo retains its classic design, streamlining workflow so you can easily navigate your sound. Variable release curves include logarithmic and linear models, coupled with the classic Warm Mode and the Auto Fast option — an automatic compression algorithm that simultaneously manages broad ranges with high peaks and slow attacks. Negative ratio values are among the sound design features that let you creatively hone your sound, granting flexible, versatile control over your dynamics, no matter the need.

    For more information on this or any other Elysia product, visit www.elysia.com.