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AEA Ribbon Mics A440 | High Performance Phantom-Powered Ribbon Mic

AEA Ribbon Mics A440 | High Performance Phantom-Powered Ribbon Mic

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  • Ultra-premium version of the R44C
  • Same sonic character of the passive R44C with additional 18dB output
  • Greater flexibility with different preamps
  • Full and rich sound; smooth highs and warm lows
  • Custom-painted with RCA classic umber-colored transformer case
  • Custom Lehle transformer
  • RPQJFET preamp electronics
  • 'X' motor hotrod

  • High-Output Upgrade
    The active A440 is an ultra-premium version of the R44C. It is complete with a custom Lehle transformer, RPQ JFET preamp electronics and the X motor hotrod and is the quietest ribbon microphone ever manufactured. It retains the same sonic character of the passive R44C, but with an additional 18dB of output and greater flexibility with different preamps. Many engineers favor their A440s over their vintage RCA 44s due to the advantages in noise performance. It is custom-painted with the RCA classic umber-colored transformer case.

    The R44 Series
    In use for more than 80 years in recording and broadcast studios throughout the world, the RCA 44 ribbon design is as rich in history as it is in sound and character. This instantly recognizable sound produces thunderous lows due to the strong proximity effect, full and rich midrange and a unique top end taking the edge off of harsh instruments.

    The Legendary Big Ribbon Sound
    The AEA R44 maintains an iconic legacy of great ribbon mics by delivering a rich sound full of character and color.

    Effective on a broad range of instruments and rooms, the R44 bolsters mids and lows while smoothing harsh high frequencies to produce a multi-dimensional sound unlike that of any microphone the world over.

    Used on everything from crooning vocalists to full orchestras, the R44 is the ideal choice to capture the tone of any voice or instrument while imparting its legendary ribbon character.

    Different Outsides, Same Sound
    The R44 Series microphones all share the authentic sound, feel and look of the 1936-38 RCA 44BX. The R44 series microphones are all detailed, hand-crafted replicas, using parts that are made to be interchangeable with an original RCA 44. AEA manufacture three different versions of the R44 and an optional hotrod.

    At the core, every version of the R44 sounds the same when powered with a ribbon preamp. The major differences between the versions are the exterior look and the amount of output level.

    Matching Preamp
    The preamp is critical for optimum performance for the passive R44 models. Preamp gain should be at least +60dB or higher and it should have a very high impedance. Its the same requirement with all passive ribbon mics.

    To guarantee consistent, full-range ribbon sound, AEA recommends the RPQ2, RPQ500 and TRP2 preamps, which were specially designed for ribbon microphones. However, preamps with above a 5K ohm impedance found in many live soundboards are adequate for guitar amps and other louder instruments. On quiet sound sources or for distance recording, an AEA preamp is highly recommended.

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