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Primacoustic Splashguard | Boom Gobo

Primacoustic Splashguard | Boom Gobo

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  • Microphone boom-stand mounted gobo
  • Helps eliminate 'splash' between instruments
  • Provides isolation in hard to get places
  • Enables greater contro over the recorded track

  • The Primacoustic SplashGuard is a compact stand-mounted gobo that enables the engineer to strategically position the device in between two instruments as a means to reduce splash from one microphone entering the other.

    Made from durable ABS, the SplashGuard is both light weight and durable. To eliminate reflections from the nearby instrument, the inner side is lined with high density open cell acoustic foam. In use, the SplashGuard mounts on a standard boom stand where it acts like and acoustic shield between instruments and microphones. The innovative design also enables a microphone to be mounted inside the SplashGuard and articulated for optimal mic placement. Once in position, the SplashGuard increases isolation between instruments allowing greater control over each track. This affords the engineer with greater freedom to EQ each instrument.

    The SplashGuard is easy to use, mounts on any mic stand and is particularly useful in smaller recording studios where space is at a premium.

    The Science of the SplashGuard

    The concept that spawned multitrack recording came from a desire to increase control over each instrument during the recording process. Before multitrack recorders, the band would perform together in a room and 'do it' in a single take. In the 1950s, Frank Sinatra was legendary in his ability to come in, run through a track once and then leave. Les Paul changed the world when he figured out a way to record more than one track at a time. This enabled him to record a rhythm track then overdub a solo on top. Recording took a huge leap forward.

    It would not be too long before Studer 24 track recorders became the industry standard. Now, each guitar, bass, drum and vocal track could be recorded individually and mixed to fit in the track. Music production changed. The Beatles St-Pepper's set the tone. And as record production evolved, greater care with respect to keeping tracks 'clean' or void of offending sounds became the rage. Soon, every studio had isolation booths. Drums would be recorded in separate rooms, guitars would be overdubbed… recording became a science.

    Today, with the advent of affordable digital recording, the studio has once again advanced and migrated to the home where professionals can work in the comfort of their personal studios. Unlimited tracks now make it possible to record full orchestration. But bringing several players into the same room introduces a new problem: spill or more precisely, controlling spill or splash from one instrument from entering into adjacent microphones. The SplashGuard is a stand-mounted gobo (go-between) that helps isolate one instrument from another. It is effective at reducing spill, particularly with respect to controlling troublesome high frequencies.

    The concept is simple: create movable boundary that can be inserted in 'difficult to get to' spaces. By controlling spill as early as possible sound expansion in the room can be mitigated. And after many trials the spade-like shape took form. But as natural as a shovel is to digging dirt, who would have thought that the familiar design would be so effective at controlling sound? And who would have thought it would also be so effective at keeping sound out of the microphone? Following the same design we pioneered with the VoxGuard and CrashGuard, the SplashGuard mounts on a mic stand. We also added a cable exit slot that enables a microphone to me mounted using the same boom stand and be articulated for optimal placement.

    fThe SplashGuard presents the engineer with an effective device that is able to attenuate sounds from one instrument from disturbing another, giving you greater control over each when recording.

    SplashGuard Specifications
    The SplashGuard is an innovative gobo that fi ts on a mic stand to reduce splash between instruments while recording. When the SplashGuard is used alone with a boom stand it acts as a pinpoint gobo that can get into tight places to attenuate unwanted sound from bleeding into the microphone.

    When the SplashGuard is combined with a microphone, it becomes a dedicated acoustic shield that moves with the microphone. Using the included extension bar to adjust the microphone position the SplashGuard helps block some of the sounds arriving at the rear of the microphone.

    The SplashGuard attaches to a mic stand using the supplied threaded mic stand adapter and knurled ring. An open slot allows the cable to pass through the back and the microphone to be articulated for optimal positioning. The included microphone extension bar allows for additional placement options. The splashguard works with most microphones and stands

    How To Use The SplashGuard
    The SplashGuard is extremely simple to use. It is designed to fit any standard mic boom arm and can be used with or without a microphone attached. The included mounting hardware gives you everything you'll need.

    • The SplashGuard can be mounted to a boom stand and used as a precision placed gobo.
    • A small "pencil condenser" microphone can be mounted inside the SplashGuard shell for a dedicated mic gobo that can squeeze into tight places. An exit port allows the mic cable to pass through the back of the SplashGuard.
    • Finally, the included extension bar can also be used to further adjust the mic placement. The SplashGuard slips onto the end of your mic boom with two anti-twist rubber washers that allow the SplashGuard to be rotated and positioned by hand.

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