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Condenser Microphones Dynamic Microphones

Condenser microphones are primarily used for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, and capturing the sound of a room.

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Dynamic microphones are versatile, all purpose mics which can help eliminate ambient noise from recordings or performances.

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Instrument Microphones Tube Microphones

Instrument microphones help capture the sounds of the instruments you play and come in all shapes and sizes.

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Tube microphones are generally "warmer" sounding and are the preferred microphone for studio vocal recordings.

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Ribbon Microphones Wireless Microphones

Ribbon microphones are the preferred choice for recording guitar cabinets and have a very unique tone.

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Wireless microphones are cordless and are most commonly used for live performances where cables would limit the ability to move around.

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Live Microphones Lavalier Microphones

Live microphones are commonly used for live performances but also have useful applications in the studio.

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Lavalier microphones are a convenient way to hold presentations or conduct interviews with hands-free microphones.

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Shotgun Microphones

The best for achieving focused, quality recordings of dialogue, foley, and sound effects in film, video, and TV productions, as well as for vlogs, web series, and even voice-over work.

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