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Primacoustic Paintables | 24" x 48" x 1" Paintable Acoustic Panels - 6 Pack
Primacoustic Paintables | 24" x 48" x 1" Paintable Acoustic Panels - 6 Pack

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Primacoustic Paintables - 24" x 48" x 1" Paintable Acoustic Panels - 6 Pack

  • Made from high performance 6lb glass wool
  • Can be painted without affecting performance
  • Balanced absorption for more natural sound
  • Class-A/1 fire rated for safe use anywhere
  • Pack of 6, 24" x 48" x 1" acoustic panels
  • Squared edge
  • White

Primacoustic Paintables are an innovative acoustic panel range that features a specially formulated textured latex surface that may be repainted on-site to match the color scheme and decor of your room or facility.

The design begins with the same high performance 6lb glass-wool panel that is used in the popular Broadway series panels. Like Broadway, the Paintables are fully encapsulated with a woven fiberglass mesh and feature resin hardened edges to create sharp, architecturally appealing lines. Rather than wrapping the panel in fabric, the face and edges of the Paintable are coated in a textured latex finish that is porous and breathable. The balanced formulation enables the panels to be spray-painted without affecting the acoustic performance. This means that the end user can decide upon the final color without having to compromise by choosing a particular fabric or allows the acoustical engineer to leave the final color choice to the architect, thus streamlining the decision making process and installation.

Paintables ship in an attractive absolute white finish and are available in a variety of sizes. This makes them perfectly suitable for both large scale and small room installations including house-of-worship, airports, home theatre, offices, call centers, board rooms, restaurants, video conferencing rooms, broadcast facilities and recording studios of all sizes.

Primacoustic Paintables... unmatched performance in unlimited colors.

The Science of Broadway Acoustic Panels

Ask anyone in the acoustic treatment industry what the single most prevalent issue is for the customer and they will tell you that it has to do with color. This includes the color of the delivered panel not matching the swatch due to die-lot variables, the customer not being happy with the color they chose once it is up on the wall, a committee not being able to make a color decision that pleases everyone, an architect not being satisfied with the standard colors being offered or a family member simply not being thrilled with the way the panels 'clash' with their home theater decor. With over 20 years in this business... you can be sure we have seen and heard every possible issue.

Primacoustic Paintables were developed as a solution by enabling the end user to decide upon the color after the panels have been delivered and installed. This eliminates uncertainties regarding the color selection and opens the door to the creative use of textures and finishes. Paintables do away with all of the aggravation involved by streamlining the whole panel selection process!

How difficult can it be to paint a panel?
Painting a panel is easy. The challenge, as we discovered, is painting the panel without affecting the acoustical performance. This required several redesigns until we finally came up with a formulation that works.

Acoustic panels are for the most part sound absorbers. This means that they are designed to allow acoustic energy to penetrate. Once inside, the energy causes the minute glass wool fibers to vibrate creating a thermal-dynamic transfer as sound turns into heat. The type, density and thickness of panel will determine the amount of absorption. Paintables employ the same 6lb glass wool construction as our popular Primacoustic Broadway panels. These have been tested to deliver exceptional absorption from the very highest frequencies down into the lower bass region.

If you merely slap a thick coat of paint on a regular acoustic panel, you will affect the acoustic performance. As the paint dries and hardens, the surface will reflect energy back into the room the same way that walls and glass do. The Paintables employs a specially formulated fiberglass mesh that has been carefully woven to allow energy to pass when painted. Carefully balancing the openness of the mesh and the thickness of the latex surface is the magic that makes it work.

Comparing Broadway and Paintables
Like the Broadway range, Paintables are made from high density 6lb glass wool. The difference here is that instead of being covered with micromesh and a polyester tweed fabric, the Paintables feature a tight fiberglass weave mesh that is factory painted in Absolute white latex. Both panels employ resin hardened edges.

The following graph compares the performance of the new Paintable with the Broadway 2" panel. You will note that while the performance is almost identical, the Paintable absorbs slightly more energy in the voice range and slightly less in the upper register. This makes sense as the paint introduces a membrane which will have a slight reflective effect in the upper end while trapping slightly more bass.

The effect of adding paint

What makes the Paintables so exciting is that they can be painted. Being able to apply any color you want means that you can now properly match a room decor or meet an architect's demands. Because these panels are pre-painted in white latex, you are starting with a panel that has a primer coat. This means that you can coat the panel with any type of paint or leave it 'as is' if white works in your room.

Voicing the panel to suit
Where things get interesting is how you can actually 'voice' the Paintables by increasing the thickness of the paint. For instance, you may want to retain a greater sense of air or high frequency content in a recording studio for more of a live feel. Another example could be an orchestra pit or stage where you may want more reflection in the upper region to enable the musicians to better hear themselves. For instance, choirs usually prefer singing when they can hear some ambiance or their voices bouncing back towards them.

Focusing on the voice range
The primary reason to apply acoustic panels to a wall surface is to improve intelligibility. Intelligibility is the term we use to describe our ability to comprehend what is being said or the message being transmitted. In a telephone call center, acoustic panels are used to eliminate the ambient noise from all of the callers making it easier to hear what people are saying over the phone. In video conferencing suites, eliminating the echo in the room vastly improves communication just as it has been done in radio broadcast for nearly a century. In a house of worship, eliminating the echo makes it possible to finally hear the sermon. The object is to eliminate unwanted clutter, echo and noise in the voice range.

The energy in the human voice is centered at 500Hz, starting from around 250Hz and rising to about 3kHz, with most of the energy centered between 300Hz and 1500Hz. This is the sweet spot. As you raise your voice, the energy becomes all the more focussed in the mid band. Paintable panels are particularly effective in this region with 70% to 110% absorption at the critical 500Hz center point, depending on the thickness of paint being applied.

The right panel for the right application
Paintables are designed for spaces of all sizes including houses of worship, restaurants, libraries, museums, airports, offices, boardrooms, call centers and video conferencing suites. In fact any room that needs treatment will enjoy significant improvement by mounting Paintable panels to the wall surface. These are mounted using a choice of impalers.

Paintables are intended for installations where the panels will not be leaned against or rubbed. Paintables are not intended for use in heavy traffic areas such as busy hallways where people will lean on them, music teaching rooms where instruments can hit them, gymnasiums where balls will destroy them or other installations where they can be abused. Broadway panels are much better suited in these cases due to their rugged polyester tweed covering. If you want to use a Paintable in a high abuse area, you can protect the panel by adding Primacoustic End Zone cages over top each one. Just applying some good old fashioned common sense before recommending them!

Prescribing the amount of wall coverage There are no set rules when it comes to acoustic coverage. Some prefer rooms to retain air or a sense of space by allowing some energy to reflect back into the room. This is particularly important in home theaters where an overly treated room will sound dark and lack energy. In recording studios or voice-over booths, the percentage of absorption is typically increased.

Paintables Details and Specifications

Primacoustic Paintable panels are constructed from high-density 6lb per cubic foot (96kg/m3) glass wool with resin-hardened edges. This process works in tandem with the micromesh to fully encapsulate the glass wool and eliminate fibers from escaping. The front face and edges of the panel are then covered in a white fiberglass tissue to create a finished, textured white panel that can be painted, UV printed or installed as-is.

To address safety concerns, Primacoustic Paintable wall panels have been tested to meet stringent Class-A/1 fire ratings worldwide, making them suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Paintable panels are offered in a variety sizes and thickness to meet various acoustical requirements.

For more information on this or any Primacoustic product, visit www.primacoustic.com

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