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Adam Professional Audio A44H Dual 4" Active 2-Way Nearfield Studio Monitor Kit w/ Subwoofer (Pair)
Adam Professional Audio A44H Dual 4" Active 2-Way Nearfield Studio Monitor Kit w/ Subwoofer (Pair)

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Adam Professional Audio A44H Dual 4" Active 2-Way Nearfield Studio Monitor Kit w/ Subwoofer (Pair)

  • Two A44H Powered Studio Monitors
  • Two 4" Multilayer Mineral Woofer
  • Rotatable X-ART Tweeter + HPS Waveguide
  • 110W RMS Class-D Amp for Woofers
  • 20W Class-AB Amp for X-ART Tweeter
  • Room Adaptation: 4-Band Equalization
  • Integrated Sonarworks Room Correction
  • Sub10 MK2 200W 10" Active Subwoofer
  • Down-Firing Bass Port
Audio professionals in need of a high-quality monitoring setup will be impressed with this kit which combines a pair of Adam Professional Audio A44Hs with an Adam Professional Audio Sub10 MK2 - 200W 10" Active Subwoofer to create a complete full-range monitoring system with low-frequency extension.

Adam Professional Audio A44H 130W Dual 4" Active 2-Way Nearfield Studio Monitor (Single)
Audio professionals in need of a low-profile, high-quality nearfield monitor will be impressed with the Adam Professional Audio A44H, a professional, dual 4" 2-way studio monitor speaker that delivers rich, spacious, and enveloping sound, well suited for small studio spaces, short listening distances, and immersive multispeaker configurations. With a width of 19", the A44H can sit on a standard rack shelf or be mounted above or below a display. It can also serve as a center speaker in immersive and 3D speaker configurations.

A 110W RMS Class-D amplifier powers the two 4" Multilayer Mineral (MLM) woofers, while a 20W Class-AB amplifier drives the X-ART tweeter with HPS waveguide to provide an ultrawide frequency range. The rotatable High-Frequency Propagation System (HPS) waveguide technology and onboard DSP allow you position the monitor both horizontally or vertically, while fine-tuning the speaker to your precise requirements.

Rotatable HPS Waveguide and X-ART Tweeter
  • ADAM Audio HPS (high-frequency propagation system) waveguide technology enables tweeters to disperse sound with controlled consistency, broad in the horizontal axis but tightly focused on the vertical plane. The A Series introduces a rotatable HPS waveguide design. You can shift A Series tweeters in 90-degree steps to continue to benefit from HPS waveguide technology, whether you position the speakers horizontally or vertically.
  • The A Series HPS Waveguide is made from a new glass fiber polymer compound that helps create a clear sound, free of unwanted resonance. The ADAM Audio X-ART tweeter is at the heart of the rotatable HPS waveguide. Handmade in Germany, the X-ART tweeter provides a precise transient response and reproduces the finest sonic details. This X-ART tweeter is used in every A Series speaker, providing a detailed and consistent sound across the product line.

Multilayer Mineral Woofer
A Series woofers are constructed with a unique blend of mineral stone fibers that have been baked together to create a lightweight but highly stable material. The mineral composition, layering and geometry of each cone is specific to the driver used in each model. By combining this material with a new magnet system, A Series woofers produce high output with low distortion, delivering a clean low-end.

Hybrid Amplification
  • The A Series combines the best of both digital and analog worlds. The woofers are driven by a Class-D amplifier that helps produce linear performance while reducing distortion. The amplifier was chosen specifically for its power and efficiency, in terms of both energy consumption and sound reproduction. Low thermal dissipation allows for a smaller heat sink, which facilitates additional investment in the exceptional power and performance of the A Series.
  • The tweeter is powered by a Class-AB amplifier, which offers a smooth, natural reproduction of high frequencies. The amplifier is optimized for its working range, resulting in a fine-tuned, properly aligned speaker. To reach this point, ADAM Audio carried out extensive measurements and listening sessions, trialing countless amplifiers and amplifier components.

DSP-Based Electronics
The A Series capitalizes on the transformative power of DSP-based electronics to provide greater tuning precision and better predictability than analog-only speakers. With firmware that can be updated through an Ethernet connection, over time you can expect to integrate the latest DSP-based capabilities from ADAM Audio, including new filter types and features, plus alternative voicings.

Room Adaptation
On the back panel of A Series speakers, you will find four bands of room adaptation equalization: Bass, Desk, Presence, and Treble. Each band is adjustable in predefined steps, offering more than 100 tuning options to help compensate for the typical acoustic problems that arise from speaker placement.

  • A Voicing is a predefined sound profile of the A Series monitors. On the back panel, you will find two different selections, UNR and Pure. Here you will also find the Ext option, which is dedicated to the extended functionality that comes with A Control via the Ethernet connection.
  • UNR or Uniform Natural Response is a dynamic, natural-sounding response curve of ADAM Audioís own design, which stems from a variety of iconic ADAM Audio legacy products, including the preceding AX Series. It lends itself to production, composition, and song writing, as its engaging and present sound can give you more room for creativity and flow. It is also a great option whenever you want to use your speakers simply to enjoy some good music.
  • Pure is a highly accurate and neutral sounding option. This is the flat setting, ideal for mixing and mastering, where you really must be aware of all the details and rely on an honest representation from your speakers.
  • The Ext option is dedicated to the extended functionality that comes with A Control (real-time remote control) via the Ethernet connection. Using A Controlís six-band EQ, a custom voicing can be created and pushed to the monitor.
A Control (Real-Time Remote Control)
  • The DSP-based functionality of all A Series monitors can be controlled remotely and in real time over Ethernet using the free-to-download A Control software. A Control is available to download for Windows and MacOS in the MyADAM area of for customers who have registered their A Series monitors.
  • Once downloaded and installed, you can control multiple speakers at once, precisely adjusting equalization and delay settings from various listening positions in your studio space. While you work, you can remotely control monitor levels if youíre far from a fader or physical interface. Remote-control capabilities are particularly useful in multipurpose rooms, allowing you to make sure that voicing, EQ, and other settings are all exactly how you want them.

Room Correction & Sonarworks Integration
A Series speakers are designed to be adaptable to changing requirements, preferences, and environments. Using the A Control software, you can push advanced filters directly to an embedded platform onboard the monitors to help compensate for imperfect room acoustics. This embedded platform supports filters from industry leading third-party Sonarworks. Using Sonarworks software and a measurement mic, you can calibrate your speakers for a new room or shifting taste.

Bass-Reflex System, Cabinets, and Mounting
The new A Series cabinets build on the heritage of ADAM Audio and the AX Series. In an evolutionary design, A Series cabinets have deeper beveling to further reduce diffraction. Thicker baffle walls strengthen the cabinets and reduce internal vibrations, while a flared port design optimizes airflow and reduces port noise. All A Series speakers include an underside mounting interface, giving you the flexibility to mount them wherever you need them.

Adam Professional Audio Sub10 MK2 - 200W 10" Active Subwoofer
Audio engineers looking to fill out the low end response of any stereo or 5.1 surround monitoring system should check out the Adam Audio Sub10 MK2, a high-quality subwoofer well suited for professional and project studios. The Sub10 MK2 features a 200W RMS (300W peak) amplifier, which powers the 10" woofer. It offers both XLR and RCA I/O connectors for seamless integration into any system setup. The bandwidth of the Sub10 MK2 and the connected speakers may be adjusted separately, allowing it to be used with many different satellites.

Crossovers are made as musical as possible thanks to variable fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley filters. The incoming signal can be phased from zero to 180 degrees for a great degree of flexibility in placement of the subwoofer. Rear-panel gain and filter adjustment controls are provided. A down-firing bass reflex tube avoids breathing noise. Multiple units may be chained together if desired. The Adam Audio Sub10 MK2 ships with a power cord and four protective rubber foot plugs.

  • Excellent low-end companion to any sound system
  • Full XLR and RCA I/Os
  • Cool-running 200W RMS (300W peak) amp uses pulse width modulation (PWM) to provide greater than 80% overall efficiency
  • Down-firing bass reflex tube reduces breathing noise
  • Multiple units may be chained
  • Bandwidth of the subwoofer and connected speakers may be adjusted separately
  • Variable fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley filters for musical crossovers
  • Incoming signal can be phased between 0 and 180 degrees, allowing a high degree of placement flexibility
  • Gain and filter controls on rear panel

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