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Pro Audio LA Demo Room


Custom Patchbay Systems

Like you, we're passionate about music.  Period.  We built a business designed to help you "Make Better Music" through a hyper focus on workflow optimization and system integration.  The right tools are only as powerful as the knowledge of the user and the system they are integrated in.  Pro Audio LA has no commissioned salesmen, and our goal is to guide our customers to make informed purchasing decisions that are consistent with their budgets and their creative goals in the studio.  Furthermore, we endeavor to grow your confidence as an engineer by teaching you what we know -- both about the gear you use as well as about the engineering techniques that yield superior results.

We are not salesmen.  We are a small group of professional audio engineers, audio technicians, and integration experts whose common love for music has lead us to build a business centered around two main elements: our custom cable shop and our dedicated, functional demo rooms.

All our cables are hand-made with a meticulous attention to detail using only the highest-quality components.  Our knowledge of system integration yields higher-performing systems that maximize your creativity while getting the most out of your gear.  Have a workflow?  We're confident we can make it better.  Looking for a new workflow or to set up a patchbay?  We've designed all kinds of systems for everyone from our friends to major studios and everything in between.  Our demo rooms boast some of the top brands in professional audio, and all the equipment is ready to evaluate hands on with either your own tracks or with Tidal high-resolution streaming available at each workstation.

In the end, the most valuable asset we have to offer is our knowledgeable staff who are passionate about helping you make better music.  No commissions means the focus is squarely on what's best for the client, not for someone's paycheck.  We'll help you choose the right gear to maximize your results within your budget, and we'll show you how a better workflow will lead to better music and a heightened sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  Simply put, our expertise will bring focus to your studio goals.


    Demo Production Room